Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let the Countdown Begin

Whats the best way to be sure I get my exercise in? 
Plan a vacation that requires me to be able to ride my bike at least 4 hours a day and hike 13 miles one or two of the on!
I love the fall here - I've been biking every (I can't talk about) but the exercise has been good.
Yesterday I ran the trails with my sister in law and today I'm heading out to ride the race course with my Brother in Law..
Here are some photos of this week: 

 Montauk Trail ~ PreRace Prep

 My Bike Buddy

 Post run Clams and Beer...because that makes sense
 Roadside Dining
 Best recovery food...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

~ Ten Things Thursday ~

1.  Weigh in Yesterday ~ 172.4 --- yep Down .6 after not giving a shit all week....Pretty Incredible

2. I've been in love with the weather lately...its ridiculous nice out these day

3.  MTB - quick spin yesterday, today more riding on the race course to get ready for the race on 
Oct 6 

4. My sister in law and brother in law are doing a relay at the race - she is running and he is cute

5.  I finally got that appt for a Psycic...February 12th was the first time they could get me in...crazy! 

6. Meh...not much to say - just that I've been spending a lot of time day dreaming and researching sweet trails to ride in UTAH! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday ~

Yes, I'll get to weighing in a bit later...
I don't expect it to be a good one...
I basically had a hissy fit after last week's # was up after I worked so hard for three weeks.  
Not smart...actually pretty stupid.

So I'm back on the bike after taking the weekend off.  My geared bike is in the hospital getting fixed up for the races ahead so I've been single speeding around the woods.  Lots of fun but for some reason it hurts my back lately...boooo.

Interesting fact...I'm not hungry these at all. No physical hunger.  So, why have I been eating?  Because I'm scared of being hungry... I get super dizzy and see stars and get very cranky..
I've been making not so great choices for emotional reasons....
One day I'll get the hang of this...I just get mad at myself for letting one thing derail bad weigh in, one moment that sucks or a moment that "deserves" a  snack or celebration....

In more exciting news, I went shopping for some hiking shoes and clothes for vacation...Nothing makes me feel more like more working out than new workout gear!  So today, I'll be MTB and possibly going for a run...

Damn you Kenny Chesney!  Every morning the video for "when I see this bar" makes me want to run off to to the Caribbean and drink like a champion....

Its cool - instead we are running off to UTAH! To go exploring and and chill in the desert.  I can't wait! Going with Mo, my friend and Biz partner B and possibly his wife...she is knocked up with twins so she is going to wait till the last minute to see how she feels...
Its total bro-mance with B and Mo - so I'll be the third wheel...its cool - I told them that I planned on spending the entire week MTB on slick rock and all around Zion.. We can meet up for dinner.
I'm sure that the both of us going away is going to create a supernova of business and deals..every time either one of us goes out of town it rains deals - making vacations a bit stressful  and more "working vacations" than relaxing.  But I'll take it - I need the money as Mo is done working on October 13th! Woohoo! 

Yesterday Mo went surfing and I went MTB with B - we met for a post ride /surf beer and then tried to go out to dinner.  Yeah...resort town living is great, except when you try to get food on a Tuesday night after the season is over....not one restaurant was open - and the bars have signs saying they only serve food Friday -Sat... - So we ended up finally finding a place to eat in the next town,.... I was starving and sucked down a crab/avocado app and you know the drill - STUCK - and had to walk it off...but its cool....All in all a nice after noon/evening!

B ~ at our Halfway Stop

Post ride Beer ~ Dive Bars tend to serve beer with a Fly ~ its at the top of the beer - yuck

Sunset from the bar

Bromance  2013
The Mo

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random Sunday....

I've taken the weekend off from working out. Not sure what is wrong with me but I was exhausted and feeling drained and woosey ...  then I realized that there was a huge Harvest moon.  Whenever there is a full moon or super moon, my energy is gone.  Its my kryptonite for some reason - all my super powers disappear.  Must be a Leo thing, one of my best friends who is my Leo twin has the same problem.

The good news - I'm feeling better and plan on getting back at it shortly.  Yay me.  

Oh BTW - we booked a vacation ...yippy ~ spa trip to UT - I can't wait - red rock and slick rock hiking and mountain biking!  Trips to Zion, 3 healthy meals a day, tons of classes...maybe I'll actually get the zumba steps down... and lots of spa treatments!  woohooo!

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I keep trying to book a session with a Psychic but everyone I've called to make an appt with never calls me back....I wonder what thats all about...

Its pouring rain here this morning...I'm hoping it stops so I can get out for MTB ride later..

Below are photos from my morning walk yesterday with the dogs...I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, every day I'm  grateful.  This walk is my version of going to church..I do it daily.  It centers me and reinforces my belief in the universe and the natural order of life.  And its free.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. I'd like to say yesterday's gain didn't mess with my head and food, but it did

2. I got pissed off and ate two items of garbage that I shouldn't have.

3. Went MTB for 2 hours with one of my long lost buddies - he's somewhat back in action - it was great to ride together again

4. Woke up early and feel all bloated and sore in my belly

5. I'd like to run hills this morning but this body feels beat up and my knee is a tad I'm leaning toward resting today and then mtb tonight...

6. A trip to Canyon Ranch Spa/or Miraval Spa is my dream trip these days..

7. belly really hurts...I wonder if eating those two not so great items yesterday is the problem

8. Fooey



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Last week 172.8
This week 173
gain .2

I'm so pissed off....I've been doing 100% with food/and working out for 20 days...and yet the fucking scale won't move and my fucking pants are still tight.  I've turned down going out with friends, gone to bed hungry, done liquids, drank 64+oz of water a day, worked out 2x day and tracked my food.

What are my choices - I have none - just to keep doing what I'm doing and hope that it will kick in soon...I just don't get it.  I ate like crap last year and stayed around 164-158 then all hell broke loose and I can't get back to where I was.

*** below was written before I weighed in ****
Yesterday - I ran my 5K loop - its getting better - I am working my back to sub 30 again...not yet there but getting closer 34:38 yesterday. Then I did Jillian's 30 min abs.  I'm scared to mention this because it makes it real but my left knee is killing me...frig. I'm not sure if its from running or twisting in a work out or what but its annoying.  I'll not run today - but have plans to MTB at 5:30 today so finger crossed it goes away and is nothing...

Its strange being back on track 2 and half years post op...there are no major drops on the scale, there are no "hey you look like you lost some weight" comments, its slow going and I'm fighting for every ounce of weight lost. This is the longest stretch of working hard at it and keeping my food in check I've had in a long time. Go me.

I'm missing the summer but getting psyched for the fall race season - already signed up for Serpents Back Race on October 6th - I'm doing it as a relay - I'll be the Mountain Biker.  Then October 26th is Mountain Man in NJ run bike run - I'll do the whole thing...I had planned on going last year but there was a small hurricane that I never made it..
There may be another race or two on the books but right now those are the two I committed to...oh and training for a half...for Yellowstone in June..but that's way far away.

I know reading about what I ate is boring but it helps me to look back and there you go.

Food Yesterday:
Protein shake
Black Bean Soup
Rice chips
Pumpkin muffin
luna bar
1 glass red wine
half of a crab/avocado appatizer
4 sea scalops
4 polenta cubes
some salad...

Went out to dinner - no bread and no dessert = winner winner catfish dinner!

Today ~ 
Protein Shake
Atkins shake
less chips than I normally have
post MTB beer 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday I didn't post because there is not much to say...
I've just been plugging along...still on plan.  
I'm back to eating solids which made a huge difference for my bike ride last night.  I had a ton more energy - thanks to smokey vegan black bean soup and rice chips for lunch from my favorite natural cafe...also had a vegan, gluten free pumpkin muffin...Wow!  I crushed the 14 mile loop in record time on my single speed.

protein shake
Atkins Shake
Smokey Vegan Black Bean Soup
Rice and Bean chips
Vegan/Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffin
1/2 cup tunafish w mayo
1 luna bar

Not too shabby!

The Natural Cafe that I frequent is my savior.  Its run by two local girls - they keep the prices low and have a library of healthy books the customers can borrow.  Recently they are into vegan soups - perfect as its getting cold here.  They make being veg or vegan easy for me when I don't feel like putting together my own food.  
Some of my favorite foods are:
Green juice
Gazpacho and shrimp soup
Hummus salad
Black bean avocado and spicy veganaize wrap

Today the plan is ~ 
Run - Sunday I did my 5K at a great pace - thanks to new playlist!
Jillian abs video
Protein shake - made with cashew, almond and hazelnut milk 
Lunch ~ soup
Dinner ~ I have to go out tonight - totally inconvenient given tomorrow is weigh in...I know what I'll order - hummus, crab and avocado salad and a glass of wine...not too horrible..

Have a great Tuesday ~ sending love and good vibes to everyone in CO dealing with the floods


Sunday, September 15, 2013

another day.

Not much exciting is going on this weekend.....
I just found out we didn't win I cancelled the private jet we had there's that. 

I turned down going out last night with friends...time to go back to living like I am just post op and focus 100% on this...I know me and I know that 2 glasses of wine or so would lead to chips, or something fried or some ice cream.  I had to explain to my super skinny, beautiful friend that I need to do this and having this extra 20 pounds on me is not ok  and that unlike her I can't just do yoga 2x a week and call that good for working out.  

I still have skinny girl jealousy...oh well

Yesterday my 5K was a struggle...not sure why but it never got easy.  I made a new play list and downloaded some new songs for today's run....maybe that will give me more mojo.
I did do Level 2 shred after my run/walk ~ and I'm not super sore today...yay!

Still on liquids....
Yesterday looked like this:
protein shake - medifast - I was super full until 1:00 - its supposed to help keep your blood sugar even?  I've got to look into this more..a friend gave me a few scoops in a cup to try over the weekend...I have to look at the label.
1.5 Atkins shakes
a super green drink
Shrimp soup - its homemade and is basically gazpacho with lots of cilantro and a few chunks of shrimp....super yummy
1 cup kitcheree
mini binge - 3 protein bars while hanging out watching TV...I was so hungry and really wanted something sweet....not gonna hate on this ...just move on.

Today - Last Day liquids...:)
Run 5K
Work most of the day
Going for bike ride after last appt.
The weather here has been great - cool/no humidity and big fluffy clouds! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Adventures in Liquids

Yep....'twas a day filled with liquids yesterday.  
3 Atkins Shakes
1 shrimp soup
1protein shake with rice milk and pb2
1 glass of wine (hey its a liquid)
miso soup
rock shrimp (not liquid - but i needed to chew)

Yesterday I was super emotional - thinking about my friend that we lost 2 years ago.  But the victory here is that I didn't eat over it - or drink excessively over it either ~ winner winner catfish dinner!

In honor of Andrew - I went out hard on my bike ride. I was on track to crush my usual time for that distance, then as I started the return section, my seat post bolt broke.  The seat came flying off my bike and I was almost violated by the post - gasp! The universe was telling me loud and clear - slow down and you're done for now.
So I walked out of the woods and Mo came and got me.  Was I disappointed - sure, but yesterday was odd - we had weird weather here (water spouts) and I wasn't going to argue with fate.
We called it a day and went out for sushi.

Leigh sent me the training plan for the half - I'm excited to get going on but first I want to build up my base miles. 
I'm off to run/walk a 5K this morning and will then get beat up by Jillian ~ level 2 again today.  
I may go for MTB after work on my single speed...we'll see where the day takes me.

Liquids again today...

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Post about seeing my Surgeon

First of all ~ I'm sore all over today - thanks to run/walking a 5K then Jillian level 2.

Yesterday I went to see my Lap Band Surgeon.  
Its always a great reminder of how I felt in the beginning of this journey.  Seeing all the pre-op people in the waiting room is a great motivator - listening to how excited they are and the hope and determination that they have.  I definitely soaked it all in.

The last time I went to Dr. Mehta I was 165 ~ I weighed in at 172 yesterday at the office - consistant with my scale ~ up 7 pounds. (although yesterday post workout I was 170.2 but that was pre-breakfast and post sweating buckets)

I was expecting a lecture but she is always so supportive ~ our talk went like this -
Dr M - "Whats going on with you?"
Me - "I partied like a rock star this summer and hung out with people who can eat what they want so I went along with that plan"
Dr M- "You know what to do"
ME - "I do - I'm back on track with the support of my blogger buddies and am about to train for a half marathon"

Every time I see Dr M - she puts me under Fluro to make sure my band and pouch are ok - I drank the barium and she said - all looks good - she also said I'm very tight - I know this and I like it. When I work the plan properly its the perfect amount.
She suggested I do liquids for 3 days to get my SH together and get my mojo back - my mojo is back but 3 days of liquids will only help.
I'll start that today.
I told Dr M about my goal of getting to 145 or 149 by Christmas - after thinking about it - she said that was very ambitious and that I would have to be exceptional to make that happen...she thought losing 20 was more reasonable - the less you have to lose the harder it is.  That would put me at 152 - I desperately want to see the 140s I'm going to do my damnest to be "exceptional".

Thanks to Terry over at My Big Fat Life  ,  Miss Lorie and I have decided to train for the Yellowstone Half in June.  Once I figure out a plan for that I'll post about the adventures of training. Bring it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. Have a Checkup with my surgeon today...I'm expecting a lecture as I'm in the 170s...the last time I was there I think I was in the low 160s.  Bring it on..maybe I'll get some new info that will help'

2.  Its important to go for checkups even when you have gained.  Period. 

3. LBG posted this on Face Book  ~ Weight Maintenance: the True Story great article and so true

4. I may end up shopping this afternoon....:)  My Drs office is in a town where they have everything, All the good stores and a huge outlet center...but I have to be smart about it..I'll be the breadwinner in this house as of Oct 15...scarey!

5. Definitely getting my car washed..SO exciting.

6I want to train for that half marathon in yellowstone ...but I know nothing about training for hello out there runners, any programs that you like please pass them along!

7.Yesterday ended up being a rest was hot as balls here and I thought laying by the pool for the "LAST DAY of SUMMER" -( I know I keep saying this... ) was the best plan..It kinda was.

8.  I struggle at lunch time...its like this demon takes over and I feel all sketchy and my skin crawls ... and I must have something to give my that oh so full feeling or I'm craving the sugar crash... I need to really examine this...

9. Today's plan - Run/walk 5K, Jillian level 2, 
 Protein shake, 
 Tuna fish
 Protein Shake
Fish based dinner

10. Yesterday ~
Egg beaters
bean chips
rice dream mocha pie.... booo
amstel light
kitchere and avocado for dinner


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Last week 174.4
This week 172.8
Loss of 1.6 ~ hard work payin off! 
** side note - I weigh the same as I did 2 years ago...***
that's a victory and proof the lap band is doing its job - without it I would have been back to 250 and beyond!

Yesterday I did the 30 minute 6 week ab video - Jillian is a nut but damn if its not working - I'm def stronger and feel great for the rest of the day
Then late in the day I went for 15 miles mountain biking on my single speed - wowza - I was wiped - Garmina aka my Garmin 305 said I burned 1950 calories on that ride... seems like a lot but who am I to argue with Garmina.

Food wise yesterday went down like this:
greek yogurt and fresh raspberries for breakfast
Lunch  - half a cup of chicken salad ..there I go with the chicken
handful of mini cookies - then threw the rest of them out the car window (not the bag of course - I'm not a litter bug)
two pieces of banana walnut cake...not sure what I was trying to prove here...they didn't taste that good
Dinner - I made kitcheree with sweet potato and avocado  and had a bass beer** - **post ride must

Not horrible...but lunch was the problem - I let myself get too hungry and then made poor choices...I think when I feel that way I need to get something really tasty and full of flavor instead of reaching for sugary crap...

Today - early work day - going to have egg beaters to start the day off and then kitcheree (mungbean and brown rice stew) for lunch ~ its hot here today so may hit the beach if I wrap up everything in time and then head for the woods!

I'm seriously considering training for a half...does anyone have a plan they like on how to get there?  Training sched?  I don't know what I'm doing with the running - I can do a 5K and thats about it.

Here are some photos from our sunrise walk this morning and yesterday's MTB 

on the bluffs

Looking out to CT

Sunrise walk with S'mai and Ed

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mo's Birthday Wrap Up

Yes ~ Yesterday was Mo's birthday!  He wanted a beach party and so he got one!  
It was great - a pot luck fest celebrating three birthdays
There were sandwiches, fried chicken, cake, cookies, chips, dips, beer, wine...
I did my damn best yesterday but the fried chicken and home made cake got the best of me...
WTF - I don't eat meat, but when I do ~ it better be fried chicken on the beach at sunset...
Fooey... Its all good.. the day wasn't horrible - I got my Shred on and drank lots of water...only had one beer.  Its a win.

Today  ~ its raining, I'll do a video this morning before work then Mountain Bike after work.  I'm gonna put my head down and drink buckets of water in hopes that weigh in tomorrow is a success.

Terrie at My Big Fat Life posted about a Yellowstone Half Marathon next spring....hmmmmm .  I don't like to run but when I do, it better be super pretty and worth it...this might fit the bill.... stay tuned to see if it happens

Here are some photos from the beach fest ~ it was beautiful and  sad saying goodby to summer...I'm pretty sure beach days are behind us now. 

Monday, September 9, 2013


Yesterday I took the day off from working out - mainly because I was so sore I couldn't walk.. Jillian combined with mountain biking = major pain in the butt...literally! 

Yesterday looked like this
Walked Dogs
egg beaters and half a sausage
protein shake
2 bites of red licorice
Rice, bean, cheese burrito
bean chips
pb chocolate square
1.5 gluten free vegan cupcakes
1 glass prosecco
half of an arugula, avocado, jack cheese Dosa... yum

Yesterday was my rest day/ free pass with the food.

Today I'm planning on the ab video and mtb ride
its Mo's Birthday so we are having a bash at the ocean - bonfire, food and cake with lots of friends!  I'm psyched!

Today I'll drink lots of water and get my work out on.

I swear I was working - open house with Prosecco and vegan cupcakes over looking the bay

Whaleboat races for an event in the Harbor...

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Definition of MOTIVATION

a : the act or process of motivating
b : the condition of being motivated
: a motivating force, stimulus, or influence : incentive, drive 
Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. It can be considered a driving force; a psychological one that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal. For example, hunger is a motivation that elicits a desire to eat. Motivation is the purpose or psychological cause of an action.[1]

I know I wrote about this a while ago but one moment stands out as  huge motivator to finally have lap band surgery.  We were out bowling and my friend's husband was cheering me on calling me "Big V"....that was crushing.... it was sometime in the winter of 2011 - maybe February...

Fast forward to last night...I've lost 67 pounds since then (including my 15 pound regain)....This past week, I got my mojo back - and have been tracking calories, working out twice a day - jillian videos and biking or running ~ and feeling pretty Boss about the whole thing.  

We went out last night to a bar where we used to go all the time..I haven't seen one of the bar tenders in a while and when we went up to the bar to get a drink, he congratulated us on my pregnancy....not in a nasty way ~ but he was just being nice and really thought I was knocked there's that ~ punch in throat.  I told him I was just fat and he smiled and was like no really?  Then he felt bad and bought us a round of drinks. 

A) I'll never wear that dress again - I even had my spanx on...WTF.
B) Even though I'm sore as shit - thanks to level 2 of 30 day shred - I'll work out hard today
C) Now I've  got that - "Oh yeah?  I'll show you" kind of motivation. 

Yesterday looked like this:
~ ran Dogs on beach
~ Level 2 of 30 day shred
~ Mountain Biked for 90 minutes
~ 1/2 cup egg beaters
~ raspberries
 ~greek yogurt plain 1/4 cup
~ flax meal
~ sun gold tomatos - snack
~1 egg
~ bean and rice chips
~egg beaters and half a veggie hot dog
~ 1 Beer 

Today ~ I hurt so will prolly just do 6week abs video and go for a spin on the road...easy 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still in the groove

Back in the woods ~ its MTB season

Last night we had a group ride followed by a beer and hang out at our house.

Yesterday was not that exciting or eventful so I'll give a quick recap of what I ate

1/2 cup egg beaters
1/2 cup kitcheree
Starbucks protein bar 
Skinny Pop Corn - 6 cups
Corona Light 
Shrimp - leftovers ~ added a Tbsp of mayo
1/2 of a smart dog (veggie hot dog)

Today ~ I have a busy work day  ~ this is my plan:
Run dogs on beach 
Jillian abs and level 2 shred
Egg beaters
Kale shake - with flax and chia seeds
kitcheree for lunch
After work MTB 
Dinner ? 
Tonight   we are going to see a local band play so I'm sure there will be some wine in my future but I'm limiting it to 2..

Photo from yesterday's mtb

Friday, September 6, 2013

Almost a week on plan...

Dang...I may just have the hang of this .....

This is what I attribute to helping me...

1. Working out again...thanks 30 day shred..I am sore and when I feel sore, I feel bad ass, and when I feel bad ass I am less likely to eat crap

2. Drinking water like its my job - the first thing I do when I start feeling hungry is chug water then wait as long as I can before I eat...sometimes the urge goes away and sometimes it doesn't and then I'll go ahead and eat

3.  A friend and I had lunch the other day - the food was meh...nothing great - she threw hers out and said..its not worth it...meaning there is no sense in wasting calories on something that is not tasty just for the sake of eating..... Boooom ~ mind blown.... I threw my lunch out too..

4. Most importantly...and  this may the key...I REFUSE TO HATE MYSELF when I use sugar or eat something less than healthy- is what it is and then I move on. 

5.  Tracking with My Fitness Pal...I like it better than the Daily Plate from Livestrong

Yesterday looked like this 
Road Ride  ~ 22 Miles
Walked dogs on beach ~ 1 Mile
Gu ~ energy gel
30 Day Shred - level 1

2 eggs
Tuna 2 oz ~ 1 TBSP veganaise
 Luna Protein Bar
Skinny Popcorn
Fresh Mozzarella 
Sea Scallops
4 Shrimp - Lime grilled - thanks LBG - got the recipe from her blog
small sorbet 
1 corn on the cob

I need to eat more veggies....will work on this...

This is from my ride yesterday 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 Things Thursday

1.  Mo is leaving his Job!  Its wonderful and a bit scary for the both of us....but life is too short not to do what you love!  He is taking a few months off to work on his art and then figure out his next step.  I'm so happy for him.

2. I downloaded Jillian's six week abs video - holy crap - so hard..I did it yesterday after my run...only made it 16 minutes before I cried uncle..will do it three times a week to switch it up from the 30 day shred

3.  I really like her videos...

4.  Yesterday was a good day given that I had to go to a lunch and dinner - 

Lunch ~ I focused on enjoying the conversation and spending time with the people I was with
  •   4 glasses of water instead of wine
  •  1/4 cup of Tomato soup - it had some bread in it and cheese so 
  •   Shaved artichoke salad...had about 1/2 cup of this

After work I had 2 servings of chips ...

Dinner ~ out celebrating with Mo and Friend - at a sushi place 

  • glass of wine
  • miso soup
  • 1 piece of tuna sashimi
  • 1 piece of salmon sashimi
  • 1/2 of an appetizer portion of rock shrimp
  • 5 edamame 

Then we went out for dessert...I could have just stuck with wine but had mini doughnuts with dipping sauce...I'm not gonna hate on that.. they were damn good! - much better way to have something sweet than binging on crappy chocolate in my car 

So it was a win!

5.  Today going for a long bike ride and doing Jillian 

6. I have friends coming over - we are going to grill shrimp and hang out

7. I lost 1.4 pounds last week...I was expecting a bigger loss as I thought the number I was at was all water weight..apparently not..its a real weight..

8.  Luke Bryan...just sayin....I love my CMT in the morning.

9.  Good to see a lot of bloggers re-committing this fall!  Its the Fourth Qtr push - I've got the 28 pounds to go.

10.  Sunny Day Ahead ~ Have a great day!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

updated with weigh in

****update - moved the ticker - I weighed in at 174.4 this morning - its like a 1.4 pound loss...not too shabby *****

Yesterday was epic ~ 
Started with a 22 mile bike ride first thing followed with 30 min of Jillian level 2 - 3 days in a row! I'm not gonna lie - I'm sore as balls.

There was major weather here yesterday....Thunder storms and flash flooding...I'm not sure if my mood was affected by that  (probably was) but I was so sad all afternoon...totally disappointed in people and just sad and mopey - could this also be sugar detox? Its probably not sugar detox as I still have been using - minimally compared to my norm...or just the angry rebellious spirit in me that isn't getting what she wants...probably a bit of everything.

Today, I have a few challenges ahead - lunch with friends and then hosting a dinner at our house - which will be fish based...I don't think I can go wrong with that.

Yesterday looked like this:
Weigh in to come later today

Bike - 90 minutes - 22 miles
Gu - energy gel 
30 Minute Shred

10:30 am Kitcheree with 2 eggs and avocado - 40g protein and prob 500+ calories

Then I was home around 4:00 and was feeling uneasy and sad
2 Cups of Tortilla Chips
4 tablespoons of smuckers fudge out of the jar - WTF
5 Graham Crackers

Protein Shake

.25 of a veggie dog...

Below are photos from my ride 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Begins...

Yesterday was the unofficial end of summer - I still plan on sneaking off to the beach this week if I can..shhhh.

It rained here so most of the visitors were long gone by midday.
I headed out hang with friends and celebrated the new quiet... It got quiet real fast...the last place we went to had shut for the season a day early!  So we sat on the dock and watched summer slip away over the boats....

Overall yesterday was another win ~ I need more veggies and less fried food - but for being out celebrating - definitely a win!  
I kept focusing on how being out with friends was about being with friends and not the food or drink...and I can still have a good worked!

1576 cal - for the day..approx
Jillian 30 Day Shred ~ check!
Egg beaters 
Veggie Hot Dog
1/4 of a bloody mary (veggies)
1/4 of a cup of lobster bisque
handful of French Fries
1/4 of a budwiser 
Glass of red wine
4 Mozzeralla Sticks... (booo)
Protein Shake  

Today - I'm heading out for a road ride and will get my 30 min shred on..Does anyone have suggestions for other videos ?  I'm not sure doing the same work out daily will best - I'd like to switch it up a bit...

Look at those empty tables

Goodbye summer 2013

Last night at the ocean - mother nature really does have a calendar
Yes - the two buddies hang out in our yard and the dogs don't do a damn thing about it!