Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still in the groove

Back in the woods ~ its MTB season

Last night we had a group ride followed by a beer and hang out at our house.

Yesterday was not that exciting or eventful so I'll give a quick recap of what I ate

1/2 cup egg beaters
1/2 cup kitcheree
Starbucks protein bar 
Skinny Pop Corn - 6 cups
Corona Light 
Shrimp - leftovers ~ added a Tbsp of mayo
1/2 of a smart dog (veggie hot dog)

Today ~ I have a busy work day  ~ this is my plan:
Run dogs on beach 
Jillian abs and level 2 shred
Egg beaters
Kale shake - with flax and chia seeds
kitcheree for lunch
After work MTB 
Dinner ? 
Tonight   we are going to see a local band play so I'm sure there will be some wine in my future but I'm limiting it to 2..

Photo from yesterday's mtb


  1. You called me a rockstar...hmmmm I think it takes one to know one. /nod