Saturday, September 14, 2013

Adventures in Liquids

Yep....'twas a day filled with liquids yesterday.  
3 Atkins Shakes
1 shrimp soup
1protein shake with rice milk and pb2
1 glass of wine (hey its a liquid)
miso soup
rock shrimp (not liquid - but i needed to chew)

Yesterday I was super emotional - thinking about my friend that we lost 2 years ago.  But the victory here is that I didn't eat over it - or drink excessively over it either ~ winner winner catfish dinner!

In honor of Andrew - I went out hard on my bike ride. I was on track to crush my usual time for that distance, then as I started the return section, my seat post bolt broke.  The seat came flying off my bike and I was almost violated by the post - gasp! The universe was telling me loud and clear - slow down and you're done for now.
So I walked out of the woods and Mo came and got me.  Was I disappointed - sure, but yesterday was odd - we had weird weather here (water spouts) and I wasn't going to argue with fate.
We called it a day and went out for sushi.

Leigh sent me the training plan for the half - I'm excited to get going on but first I want to build up my base miles. 
I'm off to run/walk a 5K this morning and will then get beat up by Jillian ~ level 2 again today.  
I may go for MTB after work on my single speed...we'll see where the day takes me.

Liquids again today...


  1. I'm so sorry about you loss dear. I am proud of you though for not losing yourself. Very scary about the seat bolt. Love ya Warrior! Crush it girl.

  2. I remember how hard that was when you lost him. Sorry it's still so hard.
    I've been on liquids for a couple days too and I feel so much better. I even noticed my belly bloat went down. I guess it's good to reset the system, huh?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!