Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mo's Birthday Wrap Up

Yes ~ Yesterday was Mo's birthday!  He wanted a beach party and so he got one!  
It was great - a pot luck fest celebrating three birthdays
There were sandwiches, fried chicken, cake, cookies, chips, dips, beer, wine...
I did my damn best yesterday but the fried chicken and home made cake got the best of me...
WTF - I don't eat meat, but when I do ~ it better be fried chicken on the beach at sunset...
Fooey... Its all good.. the day wasn't horrible - I got my Shred on and drank lots of water...only had one beer.  Its a win.

Today  ~ its raining, I'll do a video this morning before work then Mountain Bike after work.  I'm gonna put my head down and drink buckets of water in hopes that weigh in tomorrow is a success.

Terrie at My Big Fat Life posted about a Yellowstone Half Marathon next spring....hmmmmm .  I don't like to run but when I do, it better be super pretty and worth it...this might fit the bill.... stay tuned to see if it happens

Here are some photos from the beach fest ~ it was beautiful and  sad saying goodby to summer...I'm pretty sure beach days are behind us now. 


  1. Awesome! That party rocks and so does fried chicken!

  2. LOL, I was thinking "wait, isn't she a vegetarian?" LOL, glad you cleared that up! My neighbor used to be a vegetarian and then one day ran into him at the deli counter asking for the same kind of chicken, I was like "wait?" LOL! He travels almost 100% of the time for his job so it just wasn't practical for him I guess.