Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. Have a Checkup with my surgeon today...I'm expecting a lecture as I'm in the 170s...the last time I was there I think I was in the low 160s.  Bring it on..maybe I'll get some new info that will help'

2.  Its important to go for checkups even when you have gained.  Period. 

3. LBG posted this on Face Book  ~ Weight Maintenance: the True Story great article and so true

4. I may end up shopping this afternoon....:)  My Drs office is in a town where they have everything, All the good stores and a huge outlet center...but I have to be smart about it..I'll be the breadwinner in this house as of Oct 15...scarey!

5. Definitely getting my car washed..SO exciting.

6I want to train for that half marathon in yellowstone ...but I know nothing about training for hello out there runners, any programs that you like please pass them along!

7.Yesterday ended up being a rest was hot as balls here and I thought laying by the pool for the "LAST DAY of SUMMER" -( I know I keep saying this... ) was the best plan..It kinda was.

8.  I struggle at lunch time...its like this demon takes over and I feel all sketchy and my skin crawls ... and I must have something to give my that oh so full feeling or I'm craving the sugar crash... I need to really examine this...

9. Today's plan - Run/walk 5K, Jillian level 2, 
 Protein shake, 
 Tuna fish
 Protein Shake
Fish based dinner

10. Yesterday ~
Egg beaters
bean chips
rice dream mocha pie.... booo
amstel light
kitchere and avocado for dinner



  1. I have a check up/adjustment today too. I was too scared to weigh myself this morning. I will just get a surprise when I step on the scale in office.... not sure what kind of surprise though!

  2. I hope everything goes well at your appt with the doc :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing LBGs article. I don't have her FB friended so I'm very glad to have seen this. It's SOOOO true.

    Also, thanks for texting me while you were at your appointment. You are a rockstar and I know we can reach our goal. I truly love you...that is all!