Thursday, September 26, 2013

~ Ten Things Thursday ~

1.  Weigh in Yesterday ~ 172.4 --- yep Down .6 after not giving a shit all week....Pretty Incredible

2. I've been in love with the weather lately...its ridiculous nice out these day

3.  MTB - quick spin yesterday, today more riding on the race course to get ready for the race on 
Oct 6 

4. My sister in law and brother in law are doing a relay at the race - she is running and he is cute

5.  I finally got that appt for a Psycic...February 12th was the first time they could get me in...crazy! 

6. Meh...not much to say - just that I've been spending a lot of time day dreaming and researching sweet trails to ride in UTAH! 


  1. Ever since our catastrophic flooding, we've had beautiful weather here too. Go figure.

    So glad you saw some downward movement on the scale!

    I haven't been to UT in a while but had a memorable trip to Canyonlands years ago--hiking, not biking. It's an extraordinary place.

  2. Sometimes easing up on yourself is the best thing you can do... keep on keepin' on!