Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trip to the Dr and Biking like a crazy woman

I saw the Dr on Friday - she asked me what happened - I weighed in 30 pounds heavier - but her scale said 189 - I was dressed so I was actually happy not to see 191...- and I told her the truth - to tight=too many sliders and not enough veggies... so she took out .5cc.  and told me to pull it together.  But was not mad or mean - just supportive and agreed that I was too tight and there was some stretching in my pouch.   I'm definitely looser but still have restriction.  I think this will work out  as long as I pay attention and eat with awareness.  Um so a reminder - This is a life long journey and the lap band is a tool!!! I've got to use it.   I've been eating fruit and veggies all weekend - smiley face.

I'm also trying to get in 100 miles a week on the bike - as of yesterday I was 99.4mile... so today out to crush it in the woods with the boys.  The weather here has been amazing and today is definitely a beach day as work is slow and I'm going to take advantage of that....

Local Eggs and Asparagus  for breakfast!

 My friends kid with a pimped out Cadillac with sub woofers...
 Yesterday's morning ride to the beach - did 36 miles...
 Stopped to visit Jake along the way
 Mo and me on his family's boat - surprise boat trip

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pole Dancing, Private jets and un fills ~ 10 things Thursday

1.  For my sister in laws 40th we a took a pole dancing class at S Factor in was awesome.  If the studio were closer, I'd sign up for a lot of classes.  It was a great work out and lots of fun.  The best part is there were no mirrors in the studio and no men allowed. The women are very supportive and encouraging.
Did I feel like a goddess?...well, not quite, but I see how that could happen with a few more lessons.  

2.  We learned a pole trick - the firefly - where you spin around the pole...its hard work.  I've been telling all my male friends - tip your strippers, they work hard!

3. Part of my gift to SIL for her b-day was to take a private plane into NYC -the sea plane that lands on the east river.  I took it last year to visit Cat and Robyn.  So much fun!  

4. I got insurance approval to see my DR - yay!  Going to see Dr, Mehta tomorrow morning for an unfill.  I miss eating healthy roughage...Sliders have been a big part of my life for the past year.  Its time to fuel this body right.

5. I've been back on the road bike putting in lots of miles.  The trip to VT inspired me again to get lighter and faster for the trail.  So 5am wake ups and 30 mile rides are the new normal.  I love being out in the world when no one is.

6. We live in a beautiful place, I am lucky and thankful for that but more and more I want to move to Vermont or Sun Valley or somewhere that has a more rural feel - less range rovers, rich NYers and and more clean living and trails.

7.  Not sure how we would be able to make a living elsewhere - but opening the best dam fro-yo shop in the country seems like my #1 plan...Summer up north - winter down south. 

8.  This is the Pilatus PC12 - I'm saving up for it...because it would mean true freedom to have my own plane ***my friends and family think I am delusional***

9. We rented the same house in VT for the weekend after labor day - three nights four days of mountain biking - I cant wait to get back...I might just sneak up there in July for a day or two also.

10.  Going to see the DR - after a 30 pound gain...not looking forward to that but...its part of the process.

Here are some pics from the last week:
 Flying into nyc -

 Smai - beach dog
 I am visualizing what I want...
 Epic 25 mile dirt adventure on sunday

 Tuesday morning

 Trespassing onto private docks...
 Yesterday's road ride...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekend with the Boys and Vermont Pictures

I spent last weekend in Vermont with 6 guys...all friends no husband.   It was epic - 
I learned a few thing:

1 - Vacation with guys is much easier than going with women/couples
2 - Even though I am 30 pounds heavier than last year when I rode those same trails - I still had a blast
3 - I need a bit of an unfill
4 - I love mountain biking and need to keep that the center of my life
5 -Moving to VT for the summer would be a dream come true
6 - Climbing 4000 feet in three days hurts....but feels so good too...
7 - This was just what I needed to get back to biking daily and get my mojo back
8 - There are a ton of women who ride - just not where I live...
9 - Riding downhill is awesome - I want to go to gravity school
10 - The best thing about Vermont - Not one range rover in site - and no New Yorkers!!!!  It was perfect.

Some pictures below of VT and this week:

 Sailing with Mo
 Crash - ouch
 Last night on the beach with MO
 Darling Hill Chapel - bikers welcome!
 Best Fireplace EVER
 Plotting the route
 View from the house
 Bike Stable

 Monday Drinks on Shelter Island
 Me n the boys!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh....helllo there.....

Thought I'd check in here....Whats new...
My band is tight as shit....not sure why.... but I've been eating fro-yo often and that has to end.
Stress = using food to soothe...

The more I stop and listen to my body the more it becomes clear that if I eat like shit - I feel like shit...I wake up with sugar hangovers and feel like my body is full of sand.   Its so obvious and clear that optimal health has to do with eating clean, but knowing and doing are two different things -  that's my struggle these days.

Food - is a source of stress - I get overwhelmed by what to eat.... I don't eat animals, dairy is bad for me, carbs are the devil, sugar is crack, organic veggies only, ancient grains are ok, mass produced anything is horrible, gluten is a no-no, farmed fish is bad and fresh fish is full of mercury, and other fish is full of plastic from bath exfoliants being flushed into our oceans and fast food is a never....
These are just a few of the things running through my mind when its food time... so often I shut down and get the "fuck its" and will get a dang quesadilla or some other fast fix, french fries, smoothie or cookies - then I feel guilty. 
Does anyone else suffer from this stress about food??  Trying to do the right thing for  me and the planet is tough...
 I've got to get my SH together and plan ahead....

In more exciting news - Friday I'm heading to Vermont for a weekend of Mountain Biking and fun with some friends.  I can't wait - mainly b/c cell service is spotty it will  be 48 hours of bliss!!  

What I've been up to lately:
Catching lots of sunsets at the beach to keep my stress down...

This is Oink - she wanders around MTK she is my favorite