Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekend with the Boys and Vermont Pictures

I spent last weekend in Vermont with 6 guys...all friends no husband.   It was epic - 
I learned a few thing:

1 - Vacation with guys is much easier than going with women/couples
2 - Even though I am 30 pounds heavier than last year when I rode those same trails - I still had a blast
3 - I need a bit of an unfill
4 - I love mountain biking and need to keep that the center of my life
5 -Moving to VT for the summer would be a dream come true
6 - Climbing 4000 feet in three days hurts....but feels so good too...
7 - This was just what I needed to get back to biking daily and get my mojo back
8 - There are a ton of women who ride - just not where I live...
9 - Riding downhill is awesome - I want to go to gravity school
10 - The best thing about Vermont - Not one range rover in site - and no New Yorkers!!!!  It was perfect.

Some pictures below of VT and this week:

 Sailing with Mo
 Crash - ouch
 Last night on the beach with MO
 Darling Hill Chapel - bikers welcome!
 Best Fireplace EVER
 Plotting the route
 View from the house
 Bike Stable

 Monday Drinks on Shelter Island
 Me n the boys!



  1. I love the pictures! Looks like Vermont was blast... and those shoes are fantastic.

  2. Love the pics - looks like a blast!