Monday, February 9, 2015

Break up and all that time I wasted

I broke up with face book.   The buildup was intense...I slowly came to realize I was spending a lot of time in the black hole of FB.  But the real kicker came when some people from my past found me.  I'm done.
I thought it would be hard and I'd miss it.  Nope - once I hit deactivate, it was over.  I still have instagram - its much cleaner and really all about photos - no one on there bitching about this that and the other thing.  
So what have I done with all this time I've gained when I would be trolling through FB?  Jack shit.  I've still been day dreaming about moving to Ojai CA or Sonoma or St George UT.....

In health news - my back is better - I have the chiropractor this morning.  Last week I went to acupuncture, had a massage and took it easy.   Food, its a struggle.  Preparation leads to success which leads to more energy to work out.  Today I go shopping and prep for the week.  I've put my bike on a trainer and plan to start spinning inside - ugh.  And walking on the dread mill... Just need to get the habit started.

Stay warm.  We are expecting a wintery icy mix today and then snow on top of our 20 inches... 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow + shovel + stupid = bed rest

I am a moron.  I shoveled the driveway and am now crippled.  

My browser history is full of "warm Places to live"  "Best places to live that are warm"  "where do avocados grow"  "why is winter trying to kill me"  "cheap airfare" "how to hibernate" "sunny places to live"

yup - Old man winter blew in here like a champ...22+ inches of snow Tuesday, and an inch yesterday and another storm coming Monday.  It doesn't help that Mo is taking off for Florida  this afternoon for a week of golf, surf and wing eating with one of his buddies.  Meh, I can't hate too much - I was in Puerto Rico last week... but only for 4 days!!

My healthy lifestyle was disrupted by the blizzard...I sabotaged myself by stocking the house with some "treat food" which I of course chowed down on...grrrr.  With my back blown out from shoveling, exercise is on the back burner.  So I'm back to baby steps and adding in greens, and good habits.
Today I swished with coconut oil, drank my lemon ginger water wrote a blog post and did my back exercises.  #winning.

Not looking forward to trudging through two feet of snow so that I can show houses this afternoon - oh, its 20 degrees with blowing wind...
So if anyone lives somewhere warm and sunny and you love where you live and there are mountain bike trails in your town and golf courses close by and its sunny and warm and you can grow avocados and walk around outside without a parka and 10 layers...I'd love to know where that is, because I'm fixin to pack the uhaul!

 Me n Suey in Rincon

 Back home - BOOOOO
 ME making a path for the kids
 Blizzard cooking - zucchini bread and kitcheri
 Just sayin
 Happy Cows in Rincon

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mid Week ck in ~

Thursday....7:24 am ...24 degrees....heading out to ride my mtb.

Yep - I'm fixin to get out there as soon as this post is finished.

I've gone to kettle bell class twice this week and think its time to up the weight on Friday... go me!  Food has been on point so far.  We even hosted "Friends Xmas" last night and I only had a half of a glass of wine...calling that a win.  

Sunday night I'm off to Puerto Rico for a girls getaway with my best friend.  I'm much larger than the last time we went and very much in denial about sundresses fitting.  This will end up in a full blown melt down on Saturday night and me going to TJ Maxx to get some emergency moo moos for the beach. I did order two new cute swim suits from Modcloth...they fit nicely but for some reason the designers think that if your booty is a size 20 then your boobs should be triple I'll have to make do...and throw some coconuts in my suit to fill it out. ha!

I made this amazing vegetarian Larb the other night....omg! Psyched for left overs...

 This was from Sunday's ride... Instant mood adjuster being in the woods!

 Where I'm heading on Sunday
 Here ...Right now... Heading out to ride my bike... yippy!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

How's everybody doin' out there tonight???

Yeah - its Saturday night... 
I'm in my PJs at 6pm and thrilled about it.  Its cold as balls here - high of 20 today...

I ran around all day today showing houses and meeting clients.  Normally that would put me in bad mood.. toss in winter and I'd be a real bitch to be around.  But something changed...what?

I started taking care of a loving way.  Am I on a diet? NO.  Am I beating myself up? NO.  Whats different?

For once I'm fueling with healthy food and drinking the hell outta green juice.  And drinking water w lemon, water w lemon and fresh ginger, water, water and just water.  Its like my brain turned from dark to light.  I am starting to get re-hydrated.  My skin looks better, my jeans just might feel less like sausage casings and my attitude is all brand new.

I realized that I love this time of year.  I love it for the the same reason I love being in the desert in Utah.  The quite, the stillness the lack of people out and about, the light, the iced over bay.  Its almost like a secret.  Today it hit me. I love winter.  GASP! 

Week 1 of Kettlebell Hell is over - I made all three classes.  My back is feeling better and I stayed after class yesterday to work on my form.  It will make a big difference.   Tomorrow I'm biking after work - hoping to be on the bike by 3pm - I've got another jammed up day.  But hey, its good to be busy - last year there was so much snow at this time, we had no business. 

Today Peggy and I made Pumpkin Chili - which is effing EPIC - over gluten free cornbread, that I made for Mo.  Seriously, I don't know what I would do if Peggy up and died on me.  She has been with us since we got married - 12 years!  * note Peggy is my Crock Pot - not a real person.
Its really nice to be finishing up work as its getting dark and know that you are coming home to a hot meal.  xoxox Peggy.

I heard a quote the other day and it stuck with me:
 "Someone busier than you is at the gym right now."
So thats been motivating me to keep doing all the things I've put in place to take care of this body and keep it healthy. Its been more work, shopping, prepping, cleaning the kitchen and cooking.  But having ready made healthy food at the ready, is saving my ass, while actually its making my ass go in theory.  

Some pictures of winter where I am...taken today and Thursday while I was running around to meet people.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kettle Bell Hell

So Far this year - I'm crushing  it - all six days of it - boooooyah!

With the exception of a client dinner on Saturday night, I've been sober.  My skin looks better, I've added in new healthy habits that are starting to push out my old not so healthy habits. 
Drinking water
Oil swishing
Packing Lunches
drinking green juice instead of snacking on crap
Reading More 
Cooking healthy meals with my Crock Pot - I love her so much I almost want to name her....its like having a wife..I come home to warm home cooked meals.  I like Peggy.  Peggy The Crock Pot seems right.

Yesterday was my first strength training class - I can barely walk today...(i kinda like that) those kettlebell swings are surprisingly  hard to learn - I feel like there is an elephant standing on my back and stairs are not an option at this point.  But I'm going back tomorrow for more abuse...mainly because it makes my brain feel good and I know I'm on the right path.

Business has been good - I'm heading to NYC next tuesday for client meetings - and have been making an effort to keep in touch with old clients and buyers.

Below is some of the food I've been making - bean burritos with lime cilantro slaw and breakfast tofu bean burritos - so yum!
And a pic of me - the real deal back to square one.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015

Well, Well, Well.....its that day.  The day when we make promises to ourselves that we trash in a week or two.

Three days ago - Miss Lori and I had a stern talk with each other and are back at a lifestyle (not a new years resolution). Its too over whelming to start new and overhaul everything so we each decided to do one thing better each day, by adding in a good habit - not eliminating anything or beating ourselves up for eating "bad food".
Lori has committed to drinking her water daily, I've committed to drinking a green juice daily.  So Far so good.
I've been grocery shopping and packing my lunch too - making juice and smoothies at home and packing lunch is a lot cheaper than buying on the go.
I am also not going to weigh myself this year...a la Amy .  I know I'm fat and I don't need a number anymore to tell me that or tell me I'm worthy each day.  Eff That! I'll measure my health by the miles I ride and the mountains I climb.

Lap Band recap - I had fluid taken out in June because I couldn't eat fresh fruit and veggies and was throwing up anytime I did.  I now can eat all fruits and veggies but I also don't have much restriction and have gained a lot of weight back....I was also gaining when I was too tight....long story short, its a tool - you have to find out what works for you.  For me, not much worked in 2014.

So what does 2015 look like in my world?


Puerto Rico in January
Florida in March
Utah in May
Vermont June/Sept
December - holidays - getaway.

Mountain Bike Race on March 28th
Taking a 4 week strength class starting Monday
Lots of Biking and working on Strength and endurance

Continue to build my business and increase sales by 60%
Develop and follow through on a plan to get that 60%
Focus on developing new business and keeping in touch with clients
Go into NYC 2x a month to take clients out to lunch/dinner

RE-do Garden and landscaping
Paint interior of house
Save for addition
Shine on in the New Year!
 Sloth Love in 2015
 Winter Run with S'mai
 This is how I feel after the holidays...looking forward to not feeling this way
 Winter sunset 3:30pm
 This is what I'm drinking a ton of these days - green citrus smoothie - check it out
Packed Lunches..

 Citrus Green Smoothie... yum!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Top 20 Reasons Why I want to Lose Weight

Just a short reminder 

20.  So my underwear is loose and I'm not reminded of my girth as I'm falling asleep

19.  So I look cute when I wear flannel and not like a lumber jack

18.  So I can buy new MTB clothes and look like a cute rad bike chick and less like a squatch in the woods

17. So my Bras are not making marks in my back 

16. So I feel sexy and will actually want to make out with my husband who thinks I hate him

15.  So I can wear 90% of my clothes that are mocking me from my closet

14. So I can go on a beach vacation in 6 weeks and wear a swimsuit - not look good,..... just wear one of the ones that I own...seriously nothing fits

13. So I can feel powerful again

12.  So I can wear heels - my feet are taking on odd shapes these muffins forced into odd pans

11.  So I can shred the trails fast and hard

10.  So I can fly and not feel like I'm oozing out of the seats

9.  So I can become the image in my mind of myself - fit and strong 

8.  So I can continue to fit in my car....its getting iffy

7.  So that when I tell people I ride bikes they don't look at me shocked and ask if its a recumbent one 

6.  So that I can hike and bike all over the southwest and Utah....

5.  So that I can move out west and be that fit, healthy athlete I imagine in my mind

4.  So that all my income is not spent on food - that is an exaggeration..but I do spend alot of $$ on expensive treats..imported cheese with truffles anyone?? 

3.  So I can stop coming up with fake "celebrations" to eat..

2.  So that I will be able to pull a dress out of my closet at a moments notice when I have a party to go to.

1. So that I can go back to living my life without my girth, body, weight, size, being the #1 thought in my mind.  


Where am I at this week -
I've been biking and eating 75% healthy since Sunday...its a start....again....
 The Jacquelyn Smith is up!

S'mai judging me