Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mid Week ck in ~

Thursday....7:24 am ...24 degrees....heading out to ride my mtb.

Yep - I'm fixin to get out there as soon as this post is finished.

I've gone to kettle bell class twice this week and think its time to up the weight on Friday... go me!  Food has been on point so far.  We even hosted "Friends Xmas" last night and I only had a half of a glass of wine...calling that a win.  

Sunday night I'm off to Puerto Rico for a girls getaway with my best friend.  I'm much larger than the last time we went and very much in denial about sundresses fitting.  This will end up in a full blown melt down on Saturday night and me going to TJ Maxx to get some emergency moo moos for the beach. I did order two new cute swim suits from Modcloth...they fit nicely but for some reason the designers think that if your booty is a size 20 then your boobs should be triple I'll have to make do...and throw some coconuts in my suit to fill it out. ha!

I made this amazing vegetarian Larb the other night....omg! Psyched for left overs...

 This was from Sunday's ride... Instant mood adjuster being in the woods!

 Where I'm heading on Sunday
 Here ...Right now... Heading out to ride my bike... yippy!



  1. I have run into the bottom/top issue as well. So frustrating! Love that you are upping the weights. Go girl!

  2. You are adorable:-) Enjoy your trip! I need a girl's getaway...

  3. I need a warm vacation. Enjoy the journey. No trip is complete without a little pre-vaca shopping. Buy something that you feel great in right now, the size doesn't matter.

  4. I'm barely an A cup, and have a plentiful booty. I've always had to buy 2 piece 'tankini' types because the one pieces will never work for me
    Have a great time in the tropics!

  5. Hate that weird double standard with tops and bottoms. I has no boobies, either.

  6. I have missed your pictures! So glad to be reading your blog....and that food looks yummy!