Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kettle Bell Hell

So Far this year - I'm crushing  it - all six days of it - boooooyah!

With the exception of a client dinner on Saturday night, I've been sober.  My skin looks better, I've added in new healthy habits that are starting to push out my old not so healthy habits. 
Drinking water
Oil swishing
Packing Lunches
drinking green juice instead of snacking on crap
Reading More 
Cooking healthy meals with my Crock Pot - I love her so much I almost want to name her....its like having a wife..I come home to warm home cooked meals.  I like Peggy.  Peggy The Crock Pot seems right.

Yesterday was my first strength training class - I can barely walk today...(i kinda like that) those kettlebell swings are surprisingly  hard to learn - I feel like there is an elephant standing on my back and stairs are not an option at this point.  But I'm going back tomorrow for more abuse...mainly because it makes my brain feel good and I know I'm on the right path.

Business has been good - I'm heading to NYC next tuesday for client meetings - and have been making an effort to keep in touch with old clients and buyers.

Below is some of the food I've been making - bean burritos with lime cilantro slaw and breakfast tofu bean burritos - so yum!
And a pic of me - the real deal back to square one.



  1. Awesome job darlin. One day at a time:-) x

  2. I added kale to my protein shake this am but I'd still rather eat it whole. :-) I went back to mat Pilates and feel pleasantly sore all over. Back to spin class tomorrow. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice job! I wish I was more on top of my wishes for the New Year. The burritos look good! Have fun in NY, even if its for business.

  4. Nice work! The burritos look good. You can eat flour tortillas? That is the one thing that almost guarantees I will get stuck within 2 bites. I probably don't chew it enough....but it's just as well that I stay away from them all together. Corn problemo...actually wish I had a little more issue with them. LOL

  5. Mmmm...burritos! Way to kill it, girlie. Boom!

  6. 6 days is a great streak - and oooh, burritos look good. Say hi to Peggy for us (and now I have to think of a name for my old guy - i've had my crock pot for 26 years!)