Friday, March 30, 2012

BYOC - n shiz

1.  If you believe in a God - who or what form does it take?  Person or thing?  He or she?  None of the above?

Mother Nature, The Universe and of course Buddah.  I have a real problem with having to "pay" for religion.  I have a huge problem with the Catholic Church (I am a recovering Catholic School Girl). I have a problem with male dominated brain washing for their own good.  I believe in loving kindness and not using beliefs to wage wars or make others feel less than.  I could go on here...but I'll spare ya'll. 

2.  If it were considered socially acceptable - would you stop shaving or waxing?

Eeeeew No.  If I wasn't such a pussy I'd get a brazillian but crying and screaming in front of a Romanian woman that has to do my nails after just isn't ladylike. 

3.  How often do you weigh yourself?  Why? 

Used to every day but now its like 3 times a week - just to check in - somedays I'm like - "Man, I should be less than that!"  And other days, I'm all "Thank you jaysus"

4.  When was the last time you admitted you were wrong? (Thank you to Joey for this question)

No clue - I never am.

5.  Repeat question.  How was your week?
Week was pretty good - got in my work outs - worked a lot - socialized with some peeps ~ got some new undies and pretty much did me.  I'll have a better take on this tomorrow after I win the Megamillions.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Things Thursday! :)

MY Favorite day of the week!

1. I weighed in yesterday - stayed the same.  I'm rocking "maintenance" 

2. Can't seem to get in any whole foods these days...I've been really tight - and unfortunately sliders have been finding their way down my gullet - I'm pretty sure this is b/c I'm working so much and am just on the go all the time.

3. Shopping victory! - I never made it to NYC - but I did make it to Vicky's Secret yesterday and invested big bux in by boobs.  I got remeasured - down from a 40D (I was in denial when I was wearing this size - it wasn't pretty)  to today 34 D - can't believe I'm still a D - but whose complaining.
I got 3 bras, and a ton of my fav - non sexy cotton boy shorts - I lurve these!  I also go some fun stuff for Vacation - but a lady never tells. 

4. Had a dream about Lap Band Girl last night - we were both in a waiting room - I think at my surgeon's office - it was so real and I'm pretty sure it was my subconscious telling me I better start living like a bandster and stop the nonsense.

5.  My friend Krysten is here today!  I'm going to squeeze in some shopping this afternoon - so looking forward to winning mega millions on Friday so that she can be my full time stylist! 

6.  Went MTB yesterday with my peeps - it just feels right to be in the woods!

7.  Got a new pair of bike knickers - yay!  the last time I ordered them I was a tight 1x - these are Large - 
Pearl Izumi Elite Versa Capri Pants - super cute!

8.  Off to PT this morning - last appt - I've been trying to avoid going for an mri - but i may have to suck it up - 

9.  I'm planning a batchalorette party - so far we've got a limo and a day/nite in NYC - have to fill in the details - I'm looking forward to this.

10.  Alicia Silvertone - is creepy.  Just sayin'

10a.  I have assembled a team of lawyers and finance people who are eagerly awaiting my call on Saturday lotto much?

10b.  I have a full weekend of work lined up - this is just in case my lotto ticket is not the winning one.

10c.  I know I spelled batchalorette wrong - ...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Shopping FAIL

My superstar stylist has moved into the City (yes - thats New York city - I forget there are other cities out there but anyone who lives on long island calls NYC the city  and if you are a wealthy old lady you call it "Town" - as in - I was in the Hamptons on Saturday and will be back in Town on monday - I never got this but may start using it as I love those WASPY old broads)  but I digress,,,

So yes - Krysten is in NYC - I am devastated - I suffer from indecision and terror when I hit the racks at the store - I either have to buy what the mannequin is wearing or   Krysten has to dig through the rack b/c I am clueless when it comes to what I should be wearing.

Last night Mo and I went to TJ M@xx and I found myself trying on 1x tunics and hot pink pants - FAIL - Although I love my tunics and am so sad that my big flowey shirts are swimming on me.  Balls!
I entered the dressing room with an armload of cute choices and left with Nada ...Shopping FAIL!

Mo, however, got some sweet duds.  He looks super handsome and I am am so jelly of guys - they just pull jeans and shirts of the rack - and voila! easy peasy - they always fit!

What I really need to do is suck it up go into "Town" tomorrow and go shopping - I need to visit vicky's secret in a major way - yesterday I made Mo promise that if I got hit buy a bus and was rushed to the hospital he would stop and get me new undies before he came to the ER - it really is a sad state - last time shopped for skivvies I was a size 14 - baggie drawers much? 

So - Anyone in NYC up for a shopping adventure tomorrow??  Although I'd love to hit up Barney's, Bergdorff, and some designers - it will be all H&M and Canal Street for me....

I think I can make it a "work" trip and network with some peep/potential clients...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Make a List Monday

Brought to us by Robyn!
We all have this secret dream……. What are the first ten things I would do if I WON THE LOTTERY?  Admit it, you think about it, even if you don’t play.  Let’s make it a fun amount too since this is all make believe anyway.
List the first ten things you would do if you cashed in a winning lottery ticket for $200,000,000.00 (after taxes).

1.  Take all of my friends on a 2 week vacation - mountain biking of course

2.  Create my own foundation - give away half of the money -focusing on animal rights 

3. Pay off the house 

4.  Travel the world - race rally cars and mtb in every country on the planet (sans n. korea and Iran)

5.  Have my friend Kevin on payroll as my private pilot

6.  Buy a plane - have it set up with a bike shop in the back 


8.  Finish College and get a law degree 

9. Change the world and prosecute the bad guys - 
     I would be an international lawyer focusing on bringing down those who commit crimes against humanity and animals

10. Keep doin' me.

Friday, March 23, 2012

9 and 10 ---savoring 10 things thursday

Yeah - I made a new rule - why should 10 things thursday only have one day - Its seeping into friday this week.

9 ~ found my new swimsuit for the season: 

10 ~ 
When I think Gangsta - this is what comes to mind 

Heading out for my long run - wish me luck. Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ten things THURSDAY!


1. I've got to go to PT this morning and get my shoulder beat up...not looking forward to it but it will be worth it when I am doing one arm push ups like GI Jane.

2.  Can't wait to go to California in April - booking my MTB adventure this week and looking forward to running in Carmel along the coast - who looks forward to running on vacation? This Girl!

3.  Another warm day in the North East - Mamma Likey!

4.  My house is coated in a layer of mud - doggie door is convenient but oh so messy...If I could just teach them to wipe their feet paws before running through the house and jumping on the couch...

5.  Mtb last night after run and work - I was wrecked - passed out at 9 - its hard training for the Olympics

6.  I have got to go shopping - I have nothing for spring - I am thinking of doing a huge giveaway to the sisterhood - lots of cute stuff from last year that doesn't fit - I'm a lazy ass honey badger so I'll probably not take pictures of it all - just pack up a mystery box and send a ton of clothes to the winner.  

7. I like the idea of the give away - no clue how to work it - I think and essay contest would be perfect - for my own amusement - winner is the essay that makes me shoot protein shake out of my nose from laughing so hard - this would entitle you 1 mystery box of clothes from me!

8. I'll let you all know when the contest starts

9.  and 10.  to be continued later today....let the 10 things linger...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work out Wednesday and Weigh in!!

Start 241
Last Week 158.2
This Week 158.2
No change

Its work out wednesday!  Thank you Cat!  Since we have so much more daylight - I've been a running/biking machine!  This morning - I ran 5miles and today after work - MTB booyah!

Hope you all are enjoying this spring!

I've been thinking about blogging - and my lack of it - thanks to Stephanie at Dreams of Skinny High Heels.

I used to blog every day sometimes twice a day but now I'm averaging about three times a week.  I used to read blogs all day long, watch youtube all day long and obsess about all things band and the journey.  
Times have changed. I still love  reading blogs and posting from time to time...but my life is no longer about every detail of the band and banded living.   Life has settled into a work routine, with exercise squeezed in before and after.  I sometimes even forget I am banded.  I know that may seem weird to those of you who are newly banded or pre-op.  This is why I went on the journey in the first place, I was tired of being sick and tired and my body/weight being the first thought in any situation.  Its like being free from shackles.  I don't ever think, "hey, that would be fun if only I were skinny"  or "when I'm thin I will..."  Look - life isn't all roses and sunshine on the other side, loosing 85 pounds doesn't solve all of life's problems but it sure as hell makes living in the NOW possible and fun.

So there it is - get out get your sweat on today - I guarantee you'll feel like a million bucks after you do!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have a discovery to share

Fun fact....
With my tight band that has 8.25 ccs ~ 
I can consume and entire box of Samoas - in 10 minutes..
Not proud of this at all  - just needed to share how certain foods slide right on buy.

I have been super tight lately - and was on my way to an open house yesterday - I stopped at a deli on the way to get some fruit or some other wholesome snack.  When I got out of the car there she evil girl scout sitting with her table of cookies right at the entrance to the deli - how is this legal???

I was so not prepared to go up against that type of temptation...she was sitting there with grin - you know the she just knew I was gonna buy cookies!  What ever happened to going door to door in a uniform?  At least I could pretend I wasn't home.

At least now I know to be on guard...they are lurking everywhere!

I think everything I ate yesterday was sugar based...

Today is a new day - taking the day to myself - going mountain biking with my friends and going to make damn sure I stick to fruits and veg - why the heck is that so hard...hmmmm 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Its BYOC brought to you by Draz
1.  How do you feel about college?  If you have kids or siblings - will you encourage or require them to go?  How long did you go and what for?  

I think college is definitely not for everyone.  I went for two years and dropped out to do what I loved.  I was getting paid to work with horses and travel the east coast showing horses.  Looking back I wish I finished because it limited my job options once I got tired of working on the farm.  But there is always time to go back.   
2.  Pink or purple?  Coke or Pepsi?  Pen or pencil?  Cursive or printing?  Ketchup or mustard?
Neither pink or Purple. 
I haven't had soda since I was a teenager
Ketchup and Mustard

3.  If you could live in any generation - which one would it be?

It would be the 30s.  I would feel right living in the Great Gatsby Era - Grand houses and fabulous jewels and clothes...feels right.

4.  What do you sleep in?
A t-shirt

5.  Repeat question - summarize your week!

Week was great!  Worked a lot, got in a few mtb rides - DLS rocks complaints

Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Things Thursday

My Favorite day of the week!  Its here already!!

1. Have I told you how much I love Day Light Savings?  Well, I do ~ :)!  Happy me!

2. Work out wednesday ~ Ran a 5K for sunrise and then left work early to MTB before my MTB ride @ 5:30 - rode for 2.5 hours - epic day with some great friends!  Fun Fun Fun!

3. I am struggling with eating whole foods.  I've been trying to add in whole fruits and veggies...  Not going well.

4. Bike on roof of car - gear stowed in back seat - ready for a post work ride today!

5. Its time to go shopping.  Spring is here and my closet is screaming for some new duds.  I'll need help with hiding my batwings...

6. I am thinking less and less about food and weight.  I'm just doin' me these days

7.  Actually, I am content.  A strange place to exist for me, as  usually am wishing to be somewhere else or be someone else.  This is a good place.

8.  Trip to California in less than a month...I need some time off!

9.  Mo and I need a wife.  We got home from MTB last night @ 7:30 and after showers it was 8:00 and there was no food in the house and the kitchen was a nice would it be to come home to a cooked meal and clean house....

10.  I am a lucky woman that my husband knows my priorities are MTB, MTB, MTB, WORK, MTB.  If I ever uttered the words..."nah, I don't think I'm gonna ride today, I'll stay in and clean the house and cook dinner" he would rush me to the hospital!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday and Work out Wed!

Two weeks ago 157.8
This week 158.2
Gain of .4

So not sweating this.  I'm calling it maintenance for now.   Been working like a dog and not really paying much attention to whats going in my mouth so its a win as far as I'm concerned.
Eating fruits n veg ---doing ok with this..not great - going to step it up this week - goal ~ eat 1 apple a day.

Work out Wednesday - I got that shit ~
Ran 5K this morning for sunrise on the beach...I am spoiled.
After work ~
Mountain Bike tonight with Mo and the boys! 
Woo hoo!

I'm still hoping to get in a real post - but that may have to wait to tomorrow - my favorite day of the week - 10 things thursday (time flies!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Make a list Monday

Brought to you by Robyn!

This weeks category for Make a List Monday is your top ten current TV shows. The list should include shows that are currently on. 

1. Top Gear ~ I am the Stig

2. Shameless ~ Best show (showtime)

3. House of Lies ~ second best show ever (showtime)

4. The Office ~ Dwight, I love you

5. Parks and Rec ~ This show cracks me up

6. No Reservations ~ I love Anthony Bordain

7. The Layover ~ I love Anthony Bordain

8. Bethany Ever After ~ I love that Biotch!

9. Real Housewives of NYC ~ one hot mess of rich women

10. Storage Wars ~ I am not a proud woman

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Check in

I've been thinking about the end.  No, not the BIG END, just the end of my weight loss journey.
I have this grand idea of loosing 100 pounds ~ and that that would be the success I have been striving for.  Now I'm not so sure.  

Right now, I think the success is in maintaining what I have lost.  The fact that I am still wearing size 8 jeans and not gaining during this hectic time in my life.
Sure, I make some bad choices (twix, pizza or cookies from time to time)  I can off set that with exercise or for every poor choice I make I'll make a good choice - apple, yogurt, etc.
I think the real victory here is balance.  Living life like a normal person.   The joy in knowing that the clothes I wore last week will still fit this week.  The joy in knowing that when I meet someone new they are looking me in the eye and listening to what I have to say..not thinking ~she'd be pretty if she lost some weight.

I know those 16 pounds are not going to disappear on my deadline ~ and thats fine.  What I'm focused on right now is nice not to be obsessed with my girth and food.

I am blessed ~ made it though another dark winter ~ yay for daylight saving time!
Roll on Summer!

Have a great sunday ~ get outside and enjoy!

Friday, March 9, 2012

10 Things Thursday!!!!

My favorite day to blog EVER!  (lets just pretend its still Thursday)

1. Ran a 5K yesterday - first exercise I've done all week.  Booyah!

2. Crushing it at work!  I can't remember the last time I've been so psyched to go to work and put in 9 - 10 hour days.

3. The weather was awesome here yesterday ... I can't believe I didn't take a mental health day and go mountain biking...that is how much I like my work these days ~ unprecedented dedication!

4. Kony 2012 ~ check it out people ~ Its evil assholes like this that make me want to be an international Lawyer and put criminals behind bars...I still think I can save the world. 

5. Doing the liquid thing still during the day ~ but I've been eating crap in the evening ~ stopping this today!

6. Veggie/Fruit Challenge ~ I'm gonna start focusing on this instead of Protein ~ 3 servings a day sounds do-able

7.  I'm trying to keep up with everyone and comment here and there ~ I usually only check in once a day ~ but you guys are kicking ass and keeping me motivated.

8.  I still have 16 pounds to go till goal...not sure I'm going to make it for my 1 year ..fingers crossed

9.  Why are old men so creepy...I went to a work party the other night and this older guy was all hugging me and telling me how good I look ....eeew.  I know he meant well but ...yuchk ...

10.  Have I said how much I love working in my new office?  Yep yesterday we had gangsta rap thursday...there is something so cool when you are working with someone who is in the same age range as you (ok he's a few years younger).  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey there!

It dawned on me yesterday that I am 11 months post op.  Holy shit.  
When I look back at the past year there are two words that come to mind ~ Hot Damn!

This is not going to be a reflection post on the last year...I'm saving that for April 6th.   So much has changed....for the better.

The title here suggests a weigh in....but.....I'm thinking ..No.  No Weigh in today.  I'm taking this week off from weigh in.  Not that I think I've gained, just not feeling it.  I'm overwhelmed with work, social obligations and trying to fix my shoulder - going to physio instead of running or biking.   Something has to give and right now even though I hate it...I've got to give myself a break.  

It is also Work out Wednesday ~ Thanks Cat!  I have nothing planned yet, just trying to get the dogs out the door for a run on the beach....doggie guilt is killing me, I have been lax in taking them for their run these days and I'm pretty sure they are writing to Peta and the ASPCA about such injustices.  (Not that they don't have a huge fenced in yard and a doggie door and fluffy beds to lounge on...)

I'll be back on schedule shortly ...I hope..
Happy warm ass wednesday here in the North East!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Check in ~ News style

Hey Hey Hay Hey...

Work News~
Weekends are nuts for me now.  I can't remember the last time I worked so much!  Its all good though.   I'm learning a ton from the Agent I am helping out.  I am consistently pushed outside of my comfort zone and as we all know, that is a good thing.

Fitness News~
My work outs have taken a back seat but I'm still managing to run 3x a week and get my bike on here and there.

I finally have faced up to the shoulder situation ~ If you recall I crashed back in October and have ignored the pain ever since.  Scheduled 3 weeks worth of physical therapy and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.  I was in denial for a long time but now I realize that I need to fix this to be able to ramp up my weight lifting and strength training.  My lack of weight training has made me super flabby and floppy....i'm nervous that I'l look like a deflated balloon soon.

Spiritual News~
The power of asking the universe for what you want is intense and true.  Two years ago I wrote down what I wanted my life to look like ....and dangit its almost all come true! 

Tech News ~
I am typing this from my mac.  The cool aid tastes good.  iPhone here I come ~ Siri you are about to be my bitch!  
Pinterest ...yeah, I'm on that now.  Kinda cool.  I need help with my wardrobe so I'm taking the lead from Cat and trying to put some style into my closet..pinterest my just be the key to this. 

Style News~ 
After having our house renovated  four years ago to a craftsman bungalow style....I am now obsessed with modern design .  If had the  money I would tear our house down and start over.  
I am in love with Kate Spade these days.  Looking forward to being able to re-vamp my entire closet for spring.  Shopping is crazy fun now that I am a size 8/10! 

Band news~ 
My shit is still tight.  Its super cool though.   I am totally in the green zone and loving life!  I have been focusing on just having 2 shakes during the day and then a sensible dinner.   
That super full feeling comes quicker and quicker these days.  

Have a great Sunday!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yay! 10 things thursday! My Favorite day!!

1.  I'm feeling like a gal about town ~ went out with the Gay Mafia last night for drinks and had fancy snacks and talked about drag shows. :)  nothing makes me happier...well maybe chocolate does

2.  I've been working like a toothless whore in china town.  

3. It is the year of the Dragon and I am a fire dragon ~ Get out da Way!

4. Someone I know confided in me that they were abducted by aliens (in the 70s) she was telling me the story I recall the same thing happening to me as a child..... mmmm ~ explains a lot.

5. I have girls night out tonight ~ hope I don't get too drunk have to call Mo to get unbecoming...I guess it has to do until I can afford a chauffeur

6.  I didn't work out today ~ will be running 9 miles tomorrow, however

7. I can't keep up with youtube anymore 

8. The Gay Mafia says I remind them of Jennifer Saunders (Edwina from abfab)  I was so flattered I shed a tear.

9. I drank the cool aid and am about to go all the way mac ~ mac book and iphone to match my ipad...dont get too excited ~ I am do for an upgrade and Mo gave me his old mac 

10. chose your own ending.......

Edwina and Patsy ~ Abfab!