Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Check in

I've been thinking about the end.  No, not the BIG END, just the end of my weight loss journey.
I have this grand idea of loosing 100 pounds ~ and that that would be the success I have been striving for.  Now I'm not so sure.  

Right now, I think the success is in maintaining what I have lost.  The fact that I am still wearing size 8 jeans and not gaining during this hectic time in my life.
Sure, I make some bad choices (twix, pizza or cookies from time to time)  I can off set that with exercise or for every poor choice I make I'll make a good choice - apple, yogurt, etc.
I think the real victory here is balance.  Living life like a normal person.   The joy in knowing that the clothes I wore last week will still fit this week.  The joy in knowing that when I meet someone new they are looking me in the eye and listening to what I have to say..not thinking ~she'd be pretty if she lost some weight.

I know those 16 pounds are not going to disappear on my deadline ~ and thats fine.  What I'm focused on right now is nice not to be obsessed with my girth and food.

I am blessed ~ made it though another dark winter ~ yay for daylight saving time!
Roll on Summer!

Have a great sunday ~ get outside and enjoy!


  1. We're awesome. And I agree DST, FTW!

  2. Great way to look at things. You are successful!

  3. You seem to be in a good place right now and that makes me happy. I use you as my role model a lot.
    Just 5 minutes ago I asked my husband when we can open the pool. DST = Summer to me too!