Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ten things THURSDAY!


1. I've got to go to PT this morning and get my shoulder beat up...not looking forward to it but it will be worth it when I am doing one arm push ups like GI Jane.

2.  Can't wait to go to California in April - booking my MTB adventure this week and looking forward to running in Carmel along the coast - who looks forward to running on vacation? This Girl!

3.  Another warm day in the North East - Mamma Likey!

4.  My house is coated in a layer of mud - doggie door is convenient but oh so messy...If I could just teach them to wipe their feet paws before running through the house and jumping on the couch...

5.  Mtb last night after run and work - I was wrecked - passed out at 9 - its hard training for the Olympics

6.  I have got to go shopping - I have nothing for spring - I am thinking of doing a huge giveaway to the sisterhood - lots of cute stuff from last year that doesn't fit - I'm a lazy ass honey badger so I'll probably not take pictures of it all - just pack up a mystery box and send a ton of clothes to the winner.  

7. I like the idea of the give away - no clue how to work it - I think and essay contest would be perfect - for my own amusement - winner is the essay that makes me shoot protein shake out of my nose from laughing so hard - this would entitle you 1 mystery box of clothes from me!

8. I'll let you all know when the contest starts

9.  and 10.  to be continued later today....let the 10 things linger...


  1. Anyone that can make something come out of my nose is a winner in my book! Funny is my favorite quality in people.

  2. Running in California would be divine... can't blame ya for being excited about it. You'll have to take some pics for us who never leave Texas! (And by that, I mean, moi.) :)