Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey there!

It dawned on me yesterday that I am 11 months post op.  Holy shit.  
When I look back at the past year there are two words that come to mind ~ Hot Damn!

This is not going to be a reflection post on the last year...I'm saving that for April 6th.   So much has changed....for the better.

The title here suggests a weigh in....but.....I'm thinking ..No.  No Weigh in today.  I'm taking this week off from weigh in.  Not that I think I've gained, just not feeling it.  I'm overwhelmed with work, social obligations and trying to fix my shoulder - going to physio instead of running or biking.   Something has to give and right now even though I hate it...I've got to give myself a break.  

It is also Work out Wednesday ~ Thanks Cat!  I have nothing planned yet, just trying to get the dogs out the door for a run on the beach....doggie guilt is killing me, I have been lax in taking them for their run these days and I'm pretty sure they are writing to Peta and the ASPCA about such injustices.  (Not that they don't have a huge fenced in yard and a doggie door and fluffy beds to lounge on...)

I'll be back on schedule shortly ...I hope..
Happy warm ass wednesday here in the North East!


  1. no kidding! I look back at your beginning posts and you have just completely changed. you look awesome, you are so much more active and you really seem happy! good for you

  2. Not just hot damn...but Hot Vanessa!! You are the

  3. Seriously chicka, you are such a warrior. Thanks for mentioning Workout Wednesday! : ) I love that you always have a great think you're doing for the day! : ) I adore that you're taking time with your dogs. Cannot wait to read your 1 yr reflection next month. Mine will be next week. : )

  4. Good for you for identifying that you need a balance. Had one of those weeks last week.

  5. You deserve a week off from the scale. You have come so far in a very short period of time, you should be so proud of yourself.

  6. Sometimes I think it does me more harm then good to get on the scale- if it is a gain or a loss. I break sounds like a good idea.
    Taking the dogs for a run on the beach sounds so great. I wish I was near and beach and/or allowed to run.