Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Things Thursday! :)

MY Favorite day of the week!

1. I weighed in yesterday - stayed the same.  I'm rocking "maintenance" 

2. Can't seem to get in any whole foods these days...I've been really tight - and unfortunately sliders have been finding their way down my gullet - I'm pretty sure this is b/c I'm working so much and am just on the go all the time.

3. Shopping victory! - I never made it to NYC - but I did make it to Vicky's Secret yesterday and invested big bux in by boobs.  I got remeasured - down from a 40D (I was in denial when I was wearing this size - it wasn't pretty)  to today 34 D - can't believe I'm still a D - but whose complaining.
I got 3 bras, and a ton of my fav - non sexy cotton boy shorts - I lurve these!  I also go some fun stuff for Vacation - but a lady never tells. 

4. Had a dream about Lap Band Girl last night - we were both in a waiting room - I think at my surgeon's office - it was so real and I'm pretty sure it was my subconscious telling me I better start living like a bandster and stop the nonsense.

5.  My friend Krysten is here today!  I'm going to squeeze in some shopping this afternoon - so looking forward to winning mega millions on Friday so that she can be my full time stylist! 

6.  Went MTB yesterday with my peeps - it just feels right to be in the woods!

7.  Got a new pair of bike knickers - yay!  the last time I ordered them I was a tight 1x - these are Large - 
Pearl Izumi Elite Versa Capri Pants - super cute!

8.  Off to PT this morning - last appt - I've been trying to avoid going for an mri - but i may have to suck it up - 

9.  I'm planning a batchalorette party - so far we've got a limo and a day/nite in NYC - have to fill in the details - I'm looking forward to this.

10.  Alicia Silvertone - is creepy.  Just sayin'

10a.  I have assembled a team of lawyers and finance people who are eagerly awaiting my call on Saturday lotto much?

10b.  I have a full weekend of work lined up - this is just in case my lotto ticket is not the winning one.

10c.  I know I spelled batchalorette wrong - ...


  1. You crack me up. I need to meet you in person.

  2. she is creepy...who feeds there kid like a bird..yuck!

  3. What happened in the dream? LOL. That would actually be very COOL to meet you in person. Will you be attending BOOBs?

  4. The worst thing is - you can tell the kid doesn't even like it! :( CREEPY!!!

  5. Alicia Silverstone totally grossed me out!!! I love that you have a 10a, 10b, and made me giggle :)

  6. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.


    And definitely Alicia Silverstone....weird!

  7. I guess I shouldn't complain about my tatas either but I went from a 42 to a 38 but still rocking a DD.... a DD that needs a TON of support - gross!

  8. Good job on rockin the maintenance!

  9. Darn the working too much so sliders somehow make it down our, er I mean 'your' gullet :( (I'm right there with you, sista!) C