Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Shopping FAIL

My superstar stylist has moved into the City (yes - thats New York city - I forget there are other cities out there but anyone who lives on long island calls NYC the city  and if you are a wealthy old lady you call it "Town" - as in - I was in the Hamptons on Saturday and will be back in Town on monday - I never got this but may start using it as I love those WASPY old broads)  but I digress,,,

So yes - Krysten is in NYC - I am devastated - I suffer from indecision and terror when I hit the racks at the store - I either have to buy what the mannequin is wearing or   Krysten has to dig through the rack b/c I am clueless when it comes to what I should be wearing.

Last night Mo and I went to TJ M@xx and I found myself trying on 1x tunics and hot pink pants - FAIL - Although I love my tunics and am so sad that my big flowey shirts are swimming on me.  Balls!
I entered the dressing room with an armload of cute choices and left with Nada ...Shopping FAIL!

Mo, however, got some sweet duds.  He looks super handsome and I am am so jelly of guys - they just pull jeans and shirts of the rack - and voila! easy peasy - they always fit!

What I really need to do is suck it up go into "Town" tomorrow and go shopping - I need to visit vicky's secret in a major way - yesterday I made Mo promise that if I got hit buy a bus and was rushed to the hospital he would stop and get me new undies before he came to the ER - it really is a sad state - last time shopped for skivvies I was a size 14 - baggie drawers much? 

So - Anyone in NYC up for a shopping adventure tomorrow??  Although I'd love to hit up Barney's, Bergdorff, and some designers - it will be all H&M and Canal Street for me....

I think I can make it a "work" trip and network with some peep/potential clients...


  1. All my unders are baggy, too.... send out an SOS for my sorry ass. ;)

    And good luck! Can't wait to see what all ya get. :)

  2. Baggy undies and 1x tunics! I need to come shopping with you girl! I love to spend some money on clothes:) Make sure you post picts of what you find!

  3. you would think the shopping would get easier ya know!?! At least everything is swimming on you! yay!

  4. Oh, if only I could join you in NYC for shopping.....le sigh....

    Have fun!

  5. Ughh...that always happens to me when I go to the store wanting to buy new clothes and I don't find anything! Hopefully you'll have more luck in NYC! I wish I could go with you!