Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work out Wednesday and Weigh in!!

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Its work out wednesday!  Thank you Cat!  Since we have so much more daylight - I've been a running/biking machine!  This morning - I ran 5miles and today after work - MTB booyah!

Hope you all are enjoying this spring!

I've been thinking about blogging - and my lack of it - thanks to Stephanie at Dreams of Skinny High Heels.

I used to blog every day sometimes twice a day but now I'm averaging about three times a week.  I used to read blogs all day long, watch youtube all day long and obsess about all things band and the journey.  
Times have changed. I still love  reading blogs and posting from time to time...but my life is no longer about every detail of the band and banded living.   Life has settled into a work routine, with exercise squeezed in before and after.  I sometimes even forget I am banded.  I know that may seem weird to those of you who are newly banded or pre-op.  This is why I went on the journey in the first place, I was tired of being sick and tired and my body/weight being the first thought in any situation.  Its like being free from shackles.  I don't ever think, "hey, that would be fun if only I were skinny"  or "when I'm thin I will..."  Look - life isn't all roses and sunshine on the other side, loosing 85 pounds doesn't solve all of life's problems but it sure as hell makes living in the NOW possible and fun.

So there it is - get out get your sweat on today - I guarantee you'll feel like a million bucks after you do!


  1. I understand! Even though I'm still a "newbie" life is getting so much busier! I was such a lump before. I still have a long way to go and I wonder how much busier my life can get once I get rid of this ball and chain of weight?!

  2. I totally get it vanessa! I certainly hope I'm not as obsessed once I reach my goal weight. I don't want to be. I'm already not as obsessed since I've had my surgery. I've been reading blogs and.being obsessed just.leading uo to my surgery,.I'm already a bit.burned out. My life is so crazy now, I don't.have time to be obsessed. - which is good, I guess.
    Congratulations on getting to that point where living thin and fit is.second nature.

  3. Thank you warrior! I am finding I'm very similar to your thoughts on this. It's been one year for me and I am not still dominating every conversation with G of, "band this and fat or skinny that." It's an amazing freedom and something I am grateful for with my band.

    So proud of your run and biking. I'm going out for a bike ride (first of the year) with hubby this evening weather permitting! Booyah and Hellz to the yeah!

  4. It's funny ... I still have a LOOOOOOOONG way to go but sometimes I forget too ... life just gets in the way. Which, sadly, is how I got to the point where I had to have surgery in the first place. Off to drink some water :)

  5. Amen! That's how I feel every day. We're living the dream. :)