Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday and Work out Wed!

Two weeks ago 157.8
This week 158.2
Gain of .4

So not sweating this.  I'm calling it maintenance for now.   Been working like a dog and not really paying much attention to whats going in my mouth so its a win as far as I'm concerned.
Eating fruits n veg ---doing ok with this..not great - going to step it up this week - goal ~ eat 1 apple a day.

Work out Wednesday - I got that shit ~
Ran 5K this morning for sunrise on the beach...I am spoiled.
After work ~
Mountain Bike tonight with Mo and the boys! 
Woo hoo!

I'm still hoping to get in a real post - but that may have to wait to tomorrow - my favorite day of the week - 10 things thursday (time flies!)


  1. I love that you are calling it maintenence. You look amazing!
    I am jealous of the run on the beach. March is windy and the temps are all over the board here! :)
    Happy Wednesday and time does fly when we are having fun!

  2. I just started bike riding this week - granted, only to and from work, no mountain biking yet, but I'm loving it - good for you for getting the exercise in!!! I think you're doing great...

  3. Love the sunrise 5k! So completely J.
    On all levels, getting the 5k in as well as running on the beach and sunrise. Yay on all counts. Yay you warrior!