Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have a discovery to share

Fun fact....
With my tight band that has 8.25 ccs ~ 
I can consume and entire box of Samoas - in 10 minutes..
Not proud of this at all  - just needed to share how certain foods slide right on buy.

I have been super tight lately - and was on my way to an open house yesterday - I stopped at a deli on the way to get some fruit or some other wholesome snack.  When I got out of the car there she evil girl scout sitting with her table of cookies right at the entrance to the deli - how is this legal???

I was so not prepared to go up against that type of temptation...she was sitting there with grin - you know the she just knew I was gonna buy cookies!  What ever happened to going door to door in a uniform?  At least I could pretend I wasn't home.

At least now I know to be on guard...they are lurking everywhere!

I think everything I ate yesterday was sugar based...

Today is a new day - taking the day to myself - going mountain biking with my friends and going to make damn sure I stick to fruits and veg - why the heck is that so hard...hmmmm 


  1. Mmm, samoas are my favorite. Coconut is technically a fruit... ;)

  2. Oh, yes, love their cocunutty goodness.

  3. Mmmmm yep, next to Thin Mints, Samoas are my favie favorites.

  4. FYI...just laughed out loud at the picture. The guy outside my office is looking at me funny. :)

  5. Isn't it amazing?! Somethings just slip right past!

  6. Thank you for the visual. It put their evilness in perspective, lol.