Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yay! 10 things thursday! My Favorite day!!

1.  I'm feeling like a gal about town ~ went out with the Gay Mafia last night for drinks and had fancy snacks and talked about drag shows. :)  nothing makes me happier...well maybe chocolate does

2.  I've been working like a toothless whore in china town.  

3. It is the year of the Dragon and I am a fire dragon ~ Get out da Way!

4. Someone I know confided in me that they were abducted by aliens (in the 70s) she was telling me the story I recall the same thing happening to me as a child..... mmmm ~ explains a lot.

5. I have girls night out tonight ~ hope I don't get too drunk have to call Mo to get unbecoming...I guess it has to do until I can afford a chauffeur

6.  I didn't work out today ~ will be running 9 miles tomorrow, however

7. I can't keep up with youtube anymore 

8. The Gay Mafia says I remind them of Jennifer Saunders (Edwina from abfab)  I was so flattered I shed a tear.

9. I drank the cool aid and am about to go all the way mac ~ mac book and iphone to match my ipad...dont get too excited ~ I am do for an upgrade and Mo gave me his old mac 

10. chose your own ending.......

Edwina and Patsy ~ Abfab!


  1. OMG - you have to come to BOOBS - we got to a DRAG SHOW!

  2. Ohh I love me some drag shows! I have many gay husbands and they entertain me often. My favorite line from one of my gay hubbies is: "Brunch is my wetspot". That is my ending ;)

  3. You're posts always make me laugh! Welcome to the cult of Mac!

  4. I'm a new follower, so I just wanted to say hi!

  5. I am so ready to join the cult. I have a work issued iPad and love love. I only wish other things weren't so pricey. I'm about 18 mos from being able to afford things. : )

    Love your posts and the AbFab pic was great!!

  6. You had betta come to BOOBs.

  7. lol so many chinese references....bahhhaaaaa