Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Top 20 Reasons Why I want to Lose Weight

Just a short reminder 

20.  So my underwear is loose and I'm not reminded of my girth as I'm falling asleep

19.  So I look cute when I wear flannel and not like a lumber jack

18.  So I can buy new MTB clothes and look like a cute rad bike chick and less like a squatch in the woods

17. So my Bras are not making marks in my back 

16. So I feel sexy and will actually want to make out with my husband who thinks I hate him

15.  So I can wear 90% of my clothes that are mocking me from my closet

14. So I can go on a beach vacation in 6 weeks and wear a swimsuit - not look good,..... just wear one of the ones that I own...seriously nothing fits

13. So I can feel powerful again

12.  So I can wear heels - my feet are taking on odd shapes these muffins forced into odd pans

11.  So I can shred the trails fast and hard

10.  So I can fly and not feel like I'm oozing out of the seats

9.  So I can become the image in my mind of myself - fit and strong 

8.  So I can continue to fit in my car....its getting iffy

7.  So that when I tell people I ride bikes they don't look at me shocked and ask if its a recumbent one 

6.  So that I can hike and bike all over the southwest and Utah....

5.  So that I can move out west and be that fit, healthy athlete I imagine in my mind

4.  So that all my income is not spent on food - that is an exaggeration..but I do spend alot of $$ on expensive treats..imported cheese with truffles anyone?? 

3.  So I can stop coming up with fake "celebrations" to eat..

2.  So that I will be able to pull a dress out of my closet at a moments notice when I have a party to go to.

1. So that I can go back to living my life without my girth, body, weight, size, being the #1 thought in my mind.  


Where am I at this week -
I've been biking and eating 75% healthy since Sunday...its a start....again....
 The Jacquelyn Smith is up!

S'mai judging me