Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Top 20 Reasons Why I want to Lose Weight

Just a short reminder 

20.  So my underwear is loose and I'm not reminded of my girth as I'm falling asleep

19.  So I look cute when I wear flannel and not like a lumber jack

18.  So I can buy new MTB clothes and look like a cute rad bike chick and less like a squatch in the woods

17. So my Bras are not making marks in my back 

16. So I feel sexy and will actually want to make out with my husband who thinks I hate him

15.  So I can wear 90% of my clothes that are mocking me from my closet

14. So I can go on a beach vacation in 6 weeks and wear a swimsuit - not look good,..... just wear one of the ones that I own...seriously nothing fits

13. So I can feel powerful again

12.  So I can wear heels - my feet are taking on odd shapes these muffins forced into odd pans

11.  So I can shred the trails fast and hard

10.  So I can fly and not feel like I'm oozing out of the seats

9.  So I can become the image in my mind of myself - fit and strong 

8.  So I can continue to fit in my car....its getting iffy

7.  So that when I tell people I ride bikes they don't look at me shocked and ask if its a recumbent one 

6.  So that I can hike and bike all over the southwest and Utah....

5.  So that I can move out west and be that fit, healthy athlete I imagine in my mind

4.  So that all my income is not spent on food - that is an exaggeration..but I do spend alot of $$ on expensive treats..imported cheese with truffles anyone?? 

3.  So I can stop coming up with fake "celebrations" to eat..

2.  So that I will be able to pull a dress out of my closet at a moments notice when I have a party to go to.

1. So that I can go back to living my life without my girth, body, weight, size, being the #1 thought in my mind.  


Where am I at this week -
I've been biking and eating 75% healthy since Sunday...its a start....again....
 The Jacquelyn Smith is up!

S'mai judging me


  1. I LOOOOVE the 'Dear Santa' pic!

  2. I feel the exact same way about SOOOO many of these! Hopefully we both get there. :)

  3. Right there with you. I'm a mess these days so I hear ya. Great list, thanks for sharing!

  4. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to read your posts again - and I'm sitting here nodding along with this entire list (well, maybe not the move to the midwest/west part, but yeah, everything else!) And yeah, who needs Santa - if I need/want something, I'll buy it my own damn self!

  5. That Santa pic made me laugh out loud. Good luck, Vanessa. It's a battle for so many of us. One day at a time. More often than not, for me, one meal at a time.

  6. Love the Jaclyn Smith and love your humor. Onwards now!

  7. I need to make a list like this for myself as a reminder. I was nodding the whole time.

  8. You got this! Keep up the great work with food and exercise. Your dog's look... too funny.

  9. It sounds like you're on the right track, now shred it. Recumbent bike. Haha
    I'll ride with you if there's no cars, dogs, or cows on the road. Yes cows, I live in Nevada and everyone is an athlete here in the West, not. But you would be welcomed.