Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday ~

Wow - very cool that people are still reading my blog after this time away.  Thanks for the comments and support guys!! 

Yesterday was a struggle - actual # on scale was 203 
- I did go for that bike was cold and painful...I want so badly to be back to where I was that its frustrating but I know that each time I go out there and ride its a step forward and good for my soul.
Today I've got plans to ride with an old friend at 10:30 - its warmer out so I'm looking forward to a spin in the woods.

Food yesterday - Went pretty good - then I had a melt down around 3:30 and ended up eating a huge cookie...that same feeling again - the feeling where I would die if I didn't have the cookie and I might possible run over anyone standing in my way to get the cookie..... addiction much?
It was only one HUGE cookie...and then I had some cheese and honey with truffles when I got home.
Dinner was a salmon burger.

Today - Mo is going grocery shopping so I don't get tempted at the store..
I had a poached egg on toast this morning 
Will have some yogurt before I bike and then lunch will likely be some veggies with tofu
Dinner ...TBD   

If I can just do one thing better each day...:)  

My friend Jenn is a photographer - she went to italy with us and is just now sending over some fantastic pictures - this is one of my favorites - HAHHAAA


  1. Keep it up! Every day is new day! In fact, every hour is a new hour...😉

  2. That is a beautiful picture!! Baby steps, chica. <3

  3. Love the photo and definitely funny. I know its hard work getting back on the wagon, but you can do it. I know some people read over previous blogs. Its all a huge mental game. You can do it though.

  4. After so much time away myself, it was such a joy to see your posts!! Hope your holiday was good and that you're still pumped to get back on that wagon :)

  5. I never wanted life to become about avoiding one cookie at a time... but it seems that's where we are. And it kind of sucks.

    Love the picture!