Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow + shovel + stupid = bed rest

I am a moron.  I shoveled the driveway and am now crippled.  

My browser history is full of "warm Places to live"  "Best places to live that are warm"  "where do avocados grow"  "why is winter trying to kill me"  "cheap airfare" "how to hibernate" "sunny places to live"

yup - Old man winter blew in here like a champ...22+ inches of snow Tuesday, and an inch yesterday and another storm coming Monday.  It doesn't help that Mo is taking off for Florida  this afternoon for a week of golf, surf and wing eating with one of his buddies.  Meh, I can't hate too much - I was in Puerto Rico last week... but only for 4 days!!

My healthy lifestyle was disrupted by the blizzard...I sabotaged myself by stocking the house with some "treat food" which I of course chowed down on...grrrr.  With my back blown out from shoveling, exercise is on the back burner.  So I'm back to baby steps and adding in greens, and good habits.
Today I swished with coconut oil, drank my lemon ginger water wrote a blog post and did my back exercises.  #winning.

Not looking forward to trudging through two feet of snow so that I can show houses this afternoon - oh, its 20 degrees with blowing wind...
So if anyone lives somewhere warm and sunny and you love where you live and there are mountain bike trails in your town and golf courses close by and its sunny and warm and you can grow avocados and walk around outside without a parka and 10 layers...I'd love to know where that is, because I'm fixin to pack the uhaul!

 Me n Suey in Rincon

 Back home - BOOOOO
 ME making a path for the kids
 Blizzard cooking - zucchini bread and kitcheri
 Just sayin
 Happy Cows in Rincon


  1. Can't believe your beautiful paradise got hit so hard with snow! That stinks. We're supposed to be getting quite a bit here tomorrow, but in Wisconsin that's no surprise.
    Baby that back. Take care of you!

  2. Ummmm.... move to Utah. You'd have to go to Southern Utah to get the weather you are looking for, but it is God's Country.
    Sorry about the your back. Proud of you for #winning. Baby steps are my theme for the year.

  3. Ugh, that's a lot of snow. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I took a mini-vacation to Napa, CA this weekend. Nice 70 degree weather and vineyards! The bike trail and wide shoulders would make for a great bike trip although not while wine tasting of course. Sorry about your back.. Ouch.

  5. What is it about snow storms that makes us want treats? I hate that. People are stocking up on milk, bread, and eggs and I'm purusing the ice cream aisle. Ugh.