Monday, February 9, 2015

Break up and all that time I wasted

I broke up with face book.   The buildup was intense...I slowly came to realize I was spending a lot of time in the black hole of FB.  But the real kicker came when some people from my past found me.  I'm done.
I thought it would be hard and I'd miss it.  Nope - once I hit deactivate, it was over.  I still have instagram - its much cleaner and really all about photos - no one on there bitching about this that and the other thing.  
So what have I done with all this time I've gained when I would be trolling through FB?  Jack shit.  I've still been day dreaming about moving to Ojai CA or Sonoma or St George UT.....

In health news - my back is better - I have the chiropractor this morning.  Last week I went to acupuncture, had a massage and took it easy.   Food, its a struggle.  Preparation leads to success which leads to more energy to work out.  Today I go shopping and prep for the week.  I've put my bike on a trainer and plan to start spinning inside - ugh.  And walking on the dread mill... Just need to get the habit started.

Stay warm.  We are expecting a wintery icy mix today and then snow on top of our 20 inches... 


  1. Me too! I broke up with FB last week. I'm never looking back. But I never actually went on it. I'm a Twitter/Instagram whore instead. Lets me say shit wish I had the guts to say in real life. Vicarious living:-)

  2. I wish I could break up with it... I've deactivated and gone back. It's like a weird strange addiction.

  3. I wish I could break up with it - especially right now. Wayyyy too much family drama going on.

  4. I'm loving my Spin class followed by mat Pilates. They go together like chocolate and caramel. Oops, sorry about the sugar bomb! Ride on.