Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trip to the Dr and Biking like a crazy woman

I saw the Dr on Friday - she asked me what happened - I weighed in 30 pounds heavier - but her scale said 189 - I was dressed so I was actually happy not to see 191...- and I told her the truth - to tight=too many sliders and not enough veggies... so she took out .5cc.  and told me to pull it together.  But was not mad or mean - just supportive and agreed that I was too tight and there was some stretching in my pouch.   I'm definitely looser but still have restriction.  I think this will work out  as long as I pay attention and eat with awareness.  Um so a reminder - This is a life long journey and the lap band is a tool!!! I've got to use it.   I've been eating fruit and veggies all weekend - smiley face.

I'm also trying to get in 100 miles a week on the bike - as of yesterday I was 99.4mile... so today out to crush it in the woods with the boys.  The weather here has been amazing and today is definitely a beach day as work is slow and I'm going to take advantage of that....

Local Eggs and Asparagus  for breakfast!

 My friends kid with a pimped out Cadillac with sub woofers...
 Yesterday's morning ride to the beach - did 36 miles...
 Stopped to visit Jake along the way
 Mo and me on his family's boat - surprise boat trip


  1. I went to go see my surgeon on Thursday and he asked me the same thing, "What happened?" Ugh. I was 156.4 last time I went!

    We've got this.

  2. You're not alone! I lost 103lbs to gain 30lbs back too. I was only 11lbs to goal.......trying not to dwell on that and just get back in the game. I probably need a fill though.


  3. ugh, feel your pain! it's such a bummer to gain weight you've lost back and have to re-lose it and work on still losing more to get to goal....hang in there...and I'll hang in there too.