Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday ~

Yes, I'll get to weighing in a bit later...
I don't expect it to be a good one...
I basically had a hissy fit after last week's # was up after I worked so hard for three weeks.  
Not smart...actually pretty stupid.

So I'm back on the bike after taking the weekend off.  My geared bike is in the hospital getting fixed up for the races ahead so I've been single speeding around the woods.  Lots of fun but for some reason it hurts my back lately...boooo.

Interesting fact...I'm not hungry these at all. No physical hunger.  So, why have I been eating?  Because I'm scared of being hungry... I get super dizzy and see stars and get very cranky..
I've been making not so great choices for emotional reasons....
One day I'll get the hang of this...I just get mad at myself for letting one thing derail bad weigh in, one moment that sucks or a moment that "deserves" a  snack or celebration....

In more exciting news, I went shopping for some hiking shoes and clothes for vacation...Nothing makes me feel more like more working out than new workout gear!  So today, I'll be MTB and possibly going for a run...

Damn you Kenny Chesney!  Every morning the video for "when I see this bar" makes me want to run off to to the Caribbean and drink like a champion....

Its cool - instead we are running off to UTAH! To go exploring and and chill in the desert.  I can't wait! Going with Mo, my friend and Biz partner B and possibly his wife...she is knocked up with twins so she is going to wait till the last minute to see how she feels...
Its total bro-mance with B and Mo - so I'll be the third wheel...its cool - I told them that I planned on spending the entire week MTB on slick rock and all around Zion.. We can meet up for dinner.
I'm sure that the both of us going away is going to create a supernova of business and deals..every time either one of us goes out of town it rains deals - making vacations a bit stressful  and more "working vacations" than relaxing.  But I'll take it - I need the money as Mo is done working on October 13th! Woohoo! 

Yesterday Mo went surfing and I went MTB with B - we met for a post ride /surf beer and then tried to go out to dinner.  Yeah...resort town living is great, except when you try to get food on a Tuesday night after the season is over....not one restaurant was open - and the bars have signs saying they only serve food Friday -Sat... - So we ended up finally finding a place to eat in the next town,.... I was starving and sucked down a crab/avocado app and you know the drill - STUCK - and had to walk it off...but its cool....All in all a nice after noon/evening!

B ~ at our Halfway Stop

Post ride Beer ~ Dive Bars tend to serve beer with a Fly ~ its at the top of the beer - yuck

Sunset from the bar

Bromance  2013
The Mo


  1. Love the Bromance picture! I have been having a hissy since last week too, time to shape up!

  2. Once again, great pictures!
    Now I want crab and avocado. Yumm-O.
    Isn't it great that your vacations are all about fun, physical activity!? I bet you didn't used to think that way.
    Im up a bit on the scale today too, probably because I'm finally able to eat real food for a change.