Monday, September 9, 2013


Yesterday I took the day off from working out - mainly because I was so sore I couldn't walk.. Jillian combined with mountain biking = major pain in the butt...literally! 

Yesterday looked like this
Walked Dogs
egg beaters and half a sausage
protein shake
2 bites of red licorice
Rice, bean, cheese burrito
bean chips
pb chocolate square
1.5 gluten free vegan cupcakes
1 glass prosecco
half of an arugula, avocado, jack cheese Dosa... yum

Yesterday was my rest day/ free pass with the food.

Today I'm planning on the ab video and mtb ride
its Mo's Birthday so we are having a bash at the ocean - bonfire, food and cake with lots of friends!  I'm psyched!

Today I'll drink lots of water and get my work out on.

I swear I was working - open house with Prosecco and vegan cupcakes over looking the bay

Whaleboat races for an event in the Harbor...

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