Friday, September 13, 2013

The Post about seeing my Surgeon

First of all ~ I'm sore all over today - thanks to run/walking a 5K then Jillian level 2.

Yesterday I went to see my Lap Band Surgeon.  
Its always a great reminder of how I felt in the beginning of this journey.  Seeing all the pre-op people in the waiting room is a great motivator - listening to how excited they are and the hope and determination that they have.  I definitely soaked it all in.

The last time I went to Dr. Mehta I was 165 ~ I weighed in at 172 yesterday at the office - consistant with my scale ~ up 7 pounds. (although yesterday post workout I was 170.2 but that was pre-breakfast and post sweating buckets)

I was expecting a lecture but she is always so supportive ~ our talk went like this -
Dr M - "Whats going on with you?"
Me - "I partied like a rock star this summer and hung out with people who can eat what they want so I went along with that plan"
Dr M- "You know what to do"
ME - "I do - I'm back on track with the support of my blogger buddies and am about to train for a half marathon"

Every time I see Dr M - she puts me under Fluro to make sure my band and pouch are ok - I drank the barium and she said - all looks good - she also said I'm very tight - I know this and I like it. When I work the plan properly its the perfect amount.
She suggested I do liquids for 3 days to get my SH together and get my mojo back - my mojo is back but 3 days of liquids will only help.
I'll start that today.
I told Dr M about my goal of getting to 145 or 149 by Christmas - after thinking about it - she said that was very ambitious and that I would have to be exceptional to make that happen...she thought losing 20 was more reasonable - the less you have to lose the harder it is.  That would put me at 152 - I desperately want to see the 140s I'm going to do my damnest to be "exceptional".

Thanks to Terry over at My Big Fat Life  ,  Miss Lorie and I have decided to train for the Yellowstone Half in June.  Once I figure out a plan for that I'll post about the adventures of training. Bring it.

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  1. I love your surgeon. Mine has never done floro and I really think I should schedule one for this coming March (3 yrs) even if I have to self pay it. You know I think you're a Warrior and I'm glad you got your mojo back. It's always wonderful to see your posts when they are full of the positive energy. /hugs