Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random Sunday....

I've taken the weekend off from working out. Not sure what is wrong with me but I was exhausted and feeling drained and woosey ...  then I realized that there was a huge Harvest moon.  Whenever there is a full moon or super moon, my energy is gone.  Its my kryptonite for some reason - all my super powers disappear.  Must be a Leo thing, one of my best friends who is my Leo twin has the same problem.

The good news - I'm feeling better and plan on getting back at it shortly.  Yay me.  

Oh BTW - we booked a vacation ...yippy ~ spa trip to UT - I can't wait - red rock and slick rock hiking and mountain biking!  Trips to Zion, 3 healthy meals a day, tons of classes...maybe I'll actually get the zumba steps down... and lots of spa treatments!  woohooo!

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I keep trying to book a session with a Psychic but everyone I've called to make an appt with never calls me back....I wonder what thats all about...

Its pouring rain here this morning...I'm hoping it stops so I can get out for MTB ride later..

Below are photos from my morning walk yesterday with the dogs...I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, every day I'm  grateful.  This walk is my version of going to church..I do it daily.  It centers me and reinforces my belief in the universe and the natural order of life.  And its free.


  1. Great pictures, as always.
    I've been feeling crappy the last week or so too. So maybe it is a Leo thing....
    I think there are some stop in physics around here. We should go there for your next visit!!

  2. Sorry it's raining hon. Love the pictures of Miss S'mai and Ed! /hugs

  3. Love the pictures Warrior! We both know it is ok to stop and refocus and find our energy... the key is to just get going when the time is right!
    YAY Utah! I hope you fall in love and never leave. Then we can be neighbors and ride horses and have indoor pigs together....

  4. That spider web is awesome!
    I've been feeling tons of sinus pressure and now I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the moon? Probably just a cold...who knows!
    That vacation sounds awesome.

  5. I was in Moab biking some years ago-- Bryce and Zion are awesome Nat'l parks!!