Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. I'd like to say yesterday's gain didn't mess with my head and food, but it did

2. I got pissed off and ate two items of garbage that I shouldn't have.

3. Went MTB for 2 hours with one of my long lost buddies - he's somewhat back in action - it was great to ride together again

4. Woke up early and feel all bloated and sore in my belly

5. I'd like to run hills this morning but this body feels beat up and my knee is a tad I'm leaning toward resting today and then mtb tonight...

6. A trip to Canyon Ranch Spa/or Miraval Spa is my dream trip these days..

7. belly really hurts...I wonder if eating those two not so great items yesterday is the problem

8. Fooey




  1. Today is a fresh start! Take care today and feel great tomorrow:)

  2. I hope that is all that is bugging your stomach! Good luck today warrior! You've got this!

  3. I like to weigh every day too, but maybe you should give yourself a week before you get back on the scale?

    I hope your belly feels better by now.

  4. Your weight today was more reflective of the truth... :)
    I love that you are in my life. /hugs

  5. You had me at spa....

    LOL! I hope you are feeling better now! Hugs!