Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Last week 174.4
This week 172.8
Loss of 1.6 ~ hard work payin off! 
** side note - I weigh the same as I did 2 years ago...***
that's a victory and proof the lap band is doing its job - without it I would have been back to 250 and beyond!

Yesterday I did the 30 minute 6 week ab video - Jillian is a nut but damn if its not working - I'm def stronger and feel great for the rest of the day
Then late in the day I went for 15 miles mountain biking on my single speed - wowza - I was wiped - Garmina aka my Garmin 305 said I burned 1950 calories on that ride... seems like a lot but who am I to argue with Garmina.

Food wise yesterday went down like this:
greek yogurt and fresh raspberries for breakfast
Lunch  - half a cup of chicken salad ..there I go with the chicken
handful of mini cookies - then threw the rest of them out the car window (not the bag of course - I'm not a litter bug)
two pieces of banana walnut cake...not sure what I was trying to prove here...they didn't taste that good
Dinner - I made kitcheree with sweet potato and avocado  and had a bass beer** - **post ride must

Not horrible...but lunch was the problem - I let myself get too hungry and then made poor choices...I think when I feel that way I need to get something really tasty and full of flavor instead of reaching for sugary crap...

Today - early work day - going to have egg beaters to start the day off and then kitcheree (mungbean and brown rice stew) for lunch ~ its hot here today so may hit the beach if I wrap up everything in time and then head for the woods!

I'm seriously considering training for a half...does anyone have a plan they like on how to get there?  Training sched?  I don't know what I'm doing with the running - I can do a 5K and thats about it.

Here are some photos from our sunrise walk this morning and yesterday's MTB 

on the bluffs

Looking out to CT

Sunrise walk with S'mai and Ed


  1. That is amazing! You are rocking this! You have had your mojo back for a while now! I think this is your time!

  2. I really identify with your statement that the band is doing its job. I also feel that I would have gained WAY more weight last year if it wasn't for my band. Now it is helping me fight back! Go girl!

  3. I also agree with your statement about the band doing it's job. I know for a freaking absolute fact I would have regained this past year without my band. I never want to be without mine.

    Love your pics and your a badass, not only for your shred and your ride, but because you got rid of the cookies!!

    /heart S'Mai! /love Ed too!!

  4. Good for you V!! I know the feeling of 'I'd be right back where I was without my band"- and even in the context of a bit of backslide, I trust my band will work over time.