Sunday, September 15, 2013

another day.

Not much exciting is going on this weekend.....
I just found out we didn't win I cancelled the private jet we had there's that. 

I turned down going out last night with friends...time to go back to living like I am just post op and focus 100% on this...I know me and I know that 2 glasses of wine or so would lead to chips, or something fried or some ice cream.  I had to explain to my super skinny, beautiful friend that I need to do this and having this extra 20 pounds on me is not ok  and that unlike her I can't just do yoga 2x a week and call that good for working out.  

I still have skinny girl jealousy...oh well

Yesterday my 5K was a struggle...not sure why but it never got easy.  I made a new play list and downloaded some new songs for today's run....maybe that will give me more mojo.
I did do Level 2 shred after my run/walk ~ and I'm not super sore today...yay!

Still on liquids....
Yesterday looked like this:
protein shake - medifast - I was super full until 1:00 - its supposed to help keep your blood sugar even?  I've got to look into this more..a friend gave me a few scoops in a cup to try over the weekend...I have to look at the label.
1.5 Atkins shakes
a super green drink
Shrimp soup - its homemade and is basically gazpacho with lots of cilantro and a few chunks of shrimp....super yummy
1 cup kitcheree
mini binge - 3 protein bars while hanging out watching TV...I was so hungry and really wanted something sweet....not gonna hate on this ...just move on.

Today - Last Day liquids...:)
Run 5K
Work most of the day
Going for bike ride after last appt.
The weather here has been great - cool/no humidity and big fluffy clouds! 


  1. Screw "skinny" people!!! You are beautiful and are strong as hell for doing liquids...I would have broke after an hour. I love to chew.

  2. Skinny girl jealousy...ha ha ha! I get that from time to time, THEN I remember that I would have been super-jealous of ME oh almost +100lbs ago...LMAO! Puts it all in perspective for me. And you are ROCKING the liquids...woo hoo, I hope you get some good results little lady!

  3. I hate when skinny people don't get it, and wonder why we work so darn hard!
    Good for you for staying in.
    We had tofu/crab meat soup last night and the whole family loved it! The kids had some bread with theirs. super easy to make and totally healthy. Try it!

  4. I adore you and you are such a Warrior for putting yourself first!