Friday, September 6, 2013

Almost a week on plan...

Dang...I may just have the hang of this .....

This is what I attribute to helping me...

1. Working out again...thanks 30 day shred..I am sore and when I feel sore, I feel bad ass, and when I feel bad ass I am less likely to eat crap

2. Drinking water like its my job - the first thing I do when I start feeling hungry is chug water then wait as long as I can before I eat...sometimes the urge goes away and sometimes it doesn't and then I'll go ahead and eat

3.  A friend and I had lunch the other day - the food was meh...nothing great - she threw hers out and said..its not worth it...meaning there is no sense in wasting calories on something that is not tasty just for the sake of eating..... Boooom ~ mind blown.... I threw my lunch out too..

4. Most importantly...and  this may the key...I REFUSE TO HATE MYSELF when I use sugar or eat something less than healthy- is what it is and then I move on. 

5.  Tracking with My Fitness Pal...I like it better than the Daily Plate from Livestrong

Yesterday looked like this 
Road Ride  ~ 22 Miles
Walked dogs on beach ~ 1 Mile
Gu ~ energy gel
30 Day Shred - level 1

2 eggs
Tuna 2 oz ~ 1 TBSP veganaise
 Luna Protein Bar
Skinny Popcorn
Fresh Mozzarella 
Sea Scallops
4 Shrimp - Lime grilled - thanks LBG - got the recipe from her blog
small sorbet 
1 corn on the cob

I need to eat more veggies....will work on this...

This is from my ride yesterday 



  1. Good job. Keep it up. I love what your friend said. It's not even worth eating if it isn't good.

  2. I did something similar with a roll the other day. I was like, Mmmmm that roll looks so good, I want to eat it! I started to eat it and it was terrible. After two bites, I threw the rest away. Not worth it!

    Love this bad ass Warrior that has resurfaced. /heart u

    PS - another beautiful pic from your beach.

  3. Great job. It is certainly important to not beat yourself up. Life is never black and ya!!

  4. Good work! I love the "I refuse to hate myself." I'm gonna work on that!

  5. Mmmmm...scallops. Loving the attitude!