Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Last week 172.8
This week 173
gain .2

I'm so pissed off....I've been doing 100% with food/and working out for 20 days...and yet the fucking scale won't move and my fucking pants are still tight.  I've turned down going out with friends, gone to bed hungry, done liquids, drank 64+oz of water a day, worked out 2x day and tracked my food.

What are my choices - I have none - just to keep doing what I'm doing and hope that it will kick in soon...I just don't get it.  I ate like crap last year and stayed around 164-158 then all hell broke loose and I can't get back to where I was.

*** below was written before I weighed in ****
Yesterday - I ran my 5K loop - its getting better - I am working my back to sub 30 again...not yet there but getting closer 34:38 yesterday. Then I did Jillian's 30 min abs.  I'm scared to mention this because it makes it real but my left knee is killing me...frig. I'm not sure if its from running or twisting in a work out or what but its annoying.  I'll not run today - but have plans to MTB at 5:30 today so finger crossed it goes away and is nothing...

Its strange being back on track 2 and half years post op...there are no major drops on the scale, there are no "hey you look like you lost some weight" comments, its slow going and I'm fighting for every ounce of weight lost. This is the longest stretch of working hard at it and keeping my food in check I've had in a long time. Go me.

I'm missing the summer but getting psyched for the fall race season - already signed up for Serpents Back Race on October 6th - I'm doing it as a relay - I'll be the Mountain Biker.  Then October 26th is Mountain Man in NJ run bike run - I'll do the whole thing...I had planned on going last year but there was a small hurricane that I never made it..
There may be another race or two on the books but right now those are the two I committed to...oh and training for a half...for Yellowstone in June..but that's way far away.

I know reading about what I ate is boring but it helps me to look back and there you go.

Food Yesterday:
Protein shake
Black Bean Soup
Rice chips
Pumpkin muffin
luna bar
1 glass red wine
half of a crab/avocado appatizer
4 sea scalops
4 polenta cubes
some salad...

Went out to dinner - no bread and no dessert = winner winner catfish dinner!

Today ~ 
Protein Shake
Atkins shake
less chips than I normally have
post MTB beer 


  1. If you can cut back a little more on your carbs (ie: rice chips, pumpkin muffin, Luna bar, polenta cubes), and replace with more seafood/fish and veggies, you'll likely feel more satisfied and I bet you'll have a better outcome with the scale next week. Just some food for thought!

  2. I know what you're going through!
    I say our bodies get stuck on stupid, but what it really is that our bodies get comfortable where they are and don't want to budge. It's that whole set point theory at work! We just have to keep at it and eventually we will break through.
    Don't give up! You know you're doing all the right things!

  3. i am so in the same boat-its ridiculous. last year at this time, i was eating shit but yet i was 10 lbs thinner. i am equally frustrated. i think we just need to continue and we will see some results. i really hope we both get there.

  4. You know I'm with you warrior. We have no choice but to continue to make healthier choices and eventually we'll get through.