Friday, March 29, 2013

Two days..

Until my day off!!!  I can not wait!  - just having the phone not ring is going to be awesome!

So here I 6 no sugar...I almost forgot I was even doing this...its getting easier.  

Yesterday I had 
Green Juice 
Vegan bean Burrito home made
2 eggs - sprinkle of cheese -(bad girl!)
popcorn - not the whole bag! -winning!

The popcorn happened because last night when I thought I would be chillin - I ended up working and having to negotiate - I hate is not my strong skill - and as things started to get hectic I became sooooo hungry.  I know why - that is how I cope with stress..In that moment for the very first time I realized it - and recognized it and then mindfully ate the popcorn - not hating on that at all.

I love my local Health Food cafe - those girls rock and take care of me - I call them ahead on my way into work tell them how I feel and they make me a juice based on how I feel - yesterday was all greens, lemon and ginger!

I got in a dreadmill workout yesterday - slow and steady - my lungs really feel it still - tonight I WILL MTB!!!! Yes!

My sundresses came yesterday - some I like - some I do not...but when trying them on - I was all - where the eff did this belly come from??  Flip - toning makes a huge difference and I have been lax in that area - so Jillian's Shred arrived here on bitch!

9 Days till Puerto Rico - I will weep when I get on the plane... I can not wait!          


  1. You're doing awesome! Are you off artificial sweeteners too? I am equally as addicted to those. :-/ My sis-in-law got tickets for us to see Jillian when she's on her book tour up here. Have an amazing vacay!

  2. Oh Puerto Rico sounds you look super cute in the dresses!

  3. 6 days!! Holy crap. I need a sugar intervention. Seriously. It's bad. But I'm going to wait till i pop out this Baby Girl. I think she's the whole reason I crave it so bad!

  4. So glad you are getting a day off! So proud of you for being sugar free! So excited for your vacay!

  5. Would love to hear more about you going sugar free, you're doing such a good job, I'd love some tips. Well done on the mindful eating xxx

  6. Day six! You are a beast! Seriously! Mindfull decisions is where the battle is won!