Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well Hellooooooo there...

What a beautiful weekend we had here.   Sunday I was a Mountain Biking fool - even with the clock change....I was on the bike at the NEW 7:30 and out for two hours in the snow on my single speed.
 Pure Bliss...
Then I went to work...
Then I went Mountain Biking yet again....just an easy one to take out a friend who is a beginner...
Yesterday I paid for my greedy mountain biking... back was so sore and shoulder on fire...I hadn't ridden my Single Speed in ages and it is so much more of a body workout than my geared bike... yikes.

But it was worth it...yesterday two different people said I looked like I was loosing weight...:)  - can't hate on that!  And my mood has improved tremendously!  - Exercise side effect!

Food....whats been going in my mouth....lots of protein....until yesterday... had a run in with some sugar..but like I said to Miss Lorie  today is a new day.   

Hoping I get a ride in this morning...rain is on the way.  

My favorite breakfast - 1 egg, avocado, taco sauce and sprinkle of chedder..

Sunday Afternoon walk


Morning Ride


  1. You are gangsta!!! I'm not leaving the house with snow on the exercise would be out of the question. I've become such a wuss since moving to Texas. LOL

  2. Nice job! and the breakfast looks yummy!

  3. It rained here for 2 days straight, melting all the snow, causing some flooding in parts. Today it's back to winter as we know it, complete with snow and wind.
    I'm so ready for spring!

  4. Oh, and I totally agree with Dawnya. I am not going outside unless it's at least 50 degrees!