Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday

It was a very good Friday!

All this craziness at work is paying offThank you!

The weather here finally took a turn for spring.  I ran on the beach in the morning and mid-run stopped to sit on a rock and let the sunshine wash over me.  Calmness is a practice.

I worked a half day - 8-4Then a post work mountain bike ride with a friend - followed by a field trip to the beach with the dogs.  Can't hate on that.

Food was good - still sugar freeI'm not reading every label but mainly I don't eat food with labels - or try not to.  I don't use artificial sweeteners and my main drink of choice is water - and tea/coffee - I'm so lucky soda has never been a thing for me.  I feel for my girl Robyn on that struggle! My drug of choice has always been in the candy form or ice cream.

Yesterday I had a green juice, Egg Salad Sandwhich from sbux, and tuna fish with some melted cheese (shouldda skipped the cheese) Then settled in for popcorn in the evening... have to figure out a replacement for that.

I'm going to share something that might make me seem a legit way.   
Often times I have the abitility to aniticipate outcomes very acurately - like when I'm driving, I always know where the car ahead of me will turn off - long before they signal, and also have vivid dreams that will come true the following day....Also have "visits" in my sleep from loved ones that have crossed over.  Up until today I thought it was mostly my brain working through grief...Usually it is Andrew my friend who stops in from time to time.
Last night was different.  It was so real - my friend's mom came to me...I have never met her and this is a new friend, I have know him about a year and he never talks about his mom.  She passed suddenly 3 or 4 years ago.  After the visit - I woke up sobbing in the middle of the night... she also kept referring to these two halfs of a book on a shelf in the kitchen ... not sure why.  Anyway it was so real and she said some very specific things... I'm a bit freaked.

Anyway.  Maybe its still part of the sugar detox...

mtb mass for good friday - 

Sibling love

 Breakfast - Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon parsley :)


  1. Dreams are so very interesting. I am sorry this was so upsetting to you though. Your dogs make my heart hurt with cuteness and your green juice looks gross, but I bet it's wonderful. /hug u

  2. Our brains our mysterious things. We have use such a small portion that I would never discount what we can do or experience.

    I am so proud of you for three days sugar free!