Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A day in the life.

Its cold again..meh.   Yesterday morning before the rain storm I took Ed running - we did 2.8 miles on the road and beach.  He needs to get in shape badly. I was impressed, he kept up with me most of the way with a few breaks to sniff and do his biz.  Then he crashed and spent the rest of the day sleeping- wish I had been that lucky.
Life is not that exciting  lately - I've been watching downton abby like its my job in the evening - almost done with this season...shhhh no spoilers...
Mo is putting his time in and watching with me...I know its because Basketball Playoffs are on the way and I will loose all rights to the tube.  oh well.
My efforts at going sugar free yesterday were a fail - effing cadbury mini eggs...ok - so today is a new day. again.

Girl scout cookies have invaded my office....I will not partake.  

Today I went MTB for a few hours - after Mo sent me this picture......I lost my appetite for sugar - 



  1. Girl scout cookies can be the worst! It is so hard to turn the other way. Good for your for walking away!