Sunday, March 3, 2013


Yesterday I finally got back out on the MTB...amazing!  
It really is just like riding a bike...ha  ha   ha.   
I'm up early again this morning to get my bike on - heading out to montauk for a spin with my bestie and hoping like hell that my phone doesn't start rining while I'm out.  All I'm asking for is 3 hours of silence.....pleeeeeaaaassseee.

I get to meet all kinds of people through my work - yesterday it wasn't the person that had me star struck it was his car - and All ORIGINAL BOSS 429.   You could hear it coming miles away.  Now this is a cool car - I'm over the range rovers and porsches they are so average. 

The holy grail - this is why I work.  A lot of people buy fancy cars and trophy houses..not me. When I make it big- it will be the Vitamix 750....I visited it at williams and sonoma this week...its only a $700 blender ... yeah, even I can't justify that splurge...

Back in NY on my morning run...Exercise is not the problem for me...its eating like a trash can... I'm going to start leaning hard on my accountability partners -get ready girls.

Yesterday's Bike ride - up to the bluffs with my buddy Otto

I stole this from Sarah at Thinfluenced  Thanks for the motivation!!



  1. We got our vitamix from Costco and they sell it cheaper...I believe it's $200 off the price if you buy it there. Not sure if you have one near you but you can check hte schedule and find out when the vitamix people will be on sight.
    You and I both need to get back on track with the food...we can do this together!
    Having my protein shake right now. I'm swearing off chocolate for today.

  2. I love the car. Is that your magic coat and boots? Awesome-ness!
    I hope you are going to lean on me... I am going to need you too! I've got the exercise nailed down, and love it. I just act lie my mouth is a trash can.

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  4. I have to call hubby down to look at that car!!! He had a Boss 302 back in his cool days..... He still has a 73 corvette but it has not been out of the garage for years now....

  5. Love the pictures! Nice car! Love that coat!

  6. I'm ready hon. Bring on the leaning. That's what we're here for!
    Love that car and wow on that blender!! OMG.

  7. Thanks for the mention, cupcake! You rock!

    That coat looks AWESOME! Where in the world did you get that?!?!?!


  8. cool car...even cooler coat!