Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 3 no sugar...

Two days sugar free!  Miracles happen.
I have to know that it is a drug and I must stay clear.  My cold is almost gone and I see some cardio in my future.

Keeping with the getting back on track theme - tomorrow I am going to acupuncture.  I haven't been in over 8 years.  Should be a good time. 

Yesterday I had a protein shake, green juice, kitcheree, kale chips, tunafish some cheese and popcorn.  Not too shabby - the trouble zone is the evening when I'm working from home...munchies set in. 

But like I said yesterday - any way forward is good - or like Cat says progress not perfection!

I did some turbo shopping online for some vacation clothes - less than two weeks to PR!  and I got the Jillian - shred video - LBG is inspiring me.    

Eliminating the news from my life has been a blessing - now in the morning I'm watching MTV - nothing like some rap videos to make a girl feel Gangsta in the morning #baller!

Have a magical day!


  1. evenings are my toughest time, too. I try to save something to keep me busy during that time or just go to bed. Sleep rocks! You are doing GREAT!

  2. Good for you. Sugar is evil.

  3. evenings are killer for me and hey music in the am starts a day off well!

  4. Hey thanks for the post. To answer your question insanity is a program of max inyerval training were you go three plus minutes at super high intensity and then 30 second water breaks. Workouts vary from 30 to 45 min at least in the first month. They get longer in the second month I think. I've been doing it two weeks and already see results. :)

  5. I've been thinking about the Jillian video too! You will need to report...

    One evening can ruin my entire week. Ugh, evening munchies!

    Keep it up Warrior! I think MTV should be "morning news."

  6. Funny you should mention acupuncture. A girl here is REALLY wanting me to try it for my migraines! keep up the great detox!

  7. I never watch the news..every now and then I may turn it over just to see the weather, but I try to always avoid the news.

  8. /heart u warrior.
    I'm envious of your sugar detox...well, ok honestly not the actual detox, but that you're doing it. I sooooo need to follow suit. ugh.