Saturday, March 2, 2013

Keeping it Real ~ 168.2

I'm home alone this weekend - Mo is still in Florida.  Its not going the way I envisioned it.

I thought I'd be eating clean and watching all my favorite TV shows and just doing me.  Because, after all, my poor food choices are all his fault.   Now that would be a lie I tell myself.
Reality - my day was crazy yesterday and I stopped at the store on the way home  - knowing that I had to work another 3 hours from home - bought a tub of ice cream and sprinkles and then proceeded to binge for the evening.  As I was buying it, I knew what would happen...similar to a crack addict.

What tha What?  I was lonely and stressed. I need to develop better coping skills with stress.

Moving on to today  ~ going Mountain Biking this morning before work ~ haleilujer!   And this 20 pounds by June 1.  Its not a challenge..but a goal - a do-able goal that I think is achievable.  Only if I stop binging on ice cream and sprinkles... I guess that means that today is detox.  

In more exciting news - that red polka dot swimsuit  came - its awesome - although to my shock and dispair - its tight... 
Game on - I have to keep reminding my self how awesome I felt at 155lbs - I'm pushing to get to 147 by June 1 and have some races planned by the end of this weekend.   



  1. You've got this, babe! My dress for tonight is a little tight, but hell... that's what Spanx were invented for!

  2. You are so going to rock this 20 by June. : )
    Step away from the ice cream though. Honey you KNOW I understand that ice cream crack. omg...yes. You are stronger though and remember how great you feel and how proud of yourself you feel. You got this goal. Game on!