Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! and weigh in ...

Start Weight - March 2011- 241
Lowest post surgery 155
Last Sunday ~ 169
This Sunday ~ 165.2
Loss of 3.8!!
1 Full week sugar free....holy balls I did it....and I feel great! 
Last night I went MTB and had so much energy.
I must remember this and stay on the path today at Easter Dinner...I'm very very nervous that I will have some wine and then say fuck it and dive in....The obvious solution would be no wine.. because wine is sugar too.... hum - I shall meditate on it whilst at Sunday Mass (AKA - epic 3 hour mountain bike ride - my church is free and was built by mother nature)

I only have one quick appointment today -  a walkthrough at a property that is closing tomorrow.  Then its off to the woods! 

I hope everyone that celebrates Easter will have a nice day with their family and friends - and those that don't take advantage of this beautiful Sunday and get outside!

Stopped here yesterday for a vista with a rental customer -
Life is beautiful - Montauk- ditch 

 End of my MTB Ride last night

 Jake - houseguest! - He is going home today :(

Jakey on the go!

 Jake, Sammy and half of Ed - running in the marsh

New Grips for my race bike - Lizard Skinz - pink with green clamp with skulls on them - so badass...

Ok - enough of Jake and Ed



  1. Congratulations, Warrior! You won the battle this week!! Happy Easter.

  2. Those new grips for your race bike are bad A! Skulls? I love it!

  3. I am so envious! I so wish I could kick sugar for a week. Did really bad with that today. Good for you! Cute pups! Love the pictures. Beautiful scenery.