Thursday, March 28, 2013

TTT ~ YUuuuuuuuuP

1.  Ok - so I watch Storage Wars...

2. Acupuncture appointment was A-MA-Zing! - It was more than just acupuncture - he went over everything - I am going for help with my food/sugar addiction and stress.

3.  I had a massage and some needling - and he sent me home with a tea to make for 6 days and I have tiny balls placed behind my ears to help calm me down

4.  I am still sugar free - and he told me to stay off dairy too - I know this - he said dairy aka milk and anything made with milk - cheese and yogert - is really for baby cows to help them get big quickly - I am not a baby cow...(even though I feel like it at times) So therefore I do not need to ingest mama cow milk. 

5. Another interesting tid bit he told me - if you crave sugar and really want your favorite - aka peanut butter cups - you can have them, have as many as you want- but you must line them up on the counter and think and ask each one before you eat it - who is eating who?  - = MIND BLOWN.  I love this guy and I've only seen him once.

6.  Still have not watched the news ..getting most of my news from FaceBook..So as far as I can tell the big issue is marriage equality - which is so silly that our courts are even debating this as an issue?  Crazy - people who love each other should be married - nuff said.

7. Easter Sunday - I am taking the whole day off!  Drawing a line in the sand and not taking any appointments.  I get to have a holy day or two .... I shall celebrate and meditate on the arrival of Spring while whipping through the trails on my mountain one does. :)

8. mini donkey

9. Kale Kale everywhere - For those that don't know - Kale Chips are the easiest most awesome in the world - take kale -wash and dry - cut out big stalks and put pieces on cookie sheet - spritz with olive oil spay **lightly** and bake in oven for 10 minutes at 450 - and BOOM - Kale chips!
and Kale in my shake too :) 
10 -  my Tea is ready - have a calm day....


  1. Kale chips? hmmm, may have to try. I put spinach in my shakes sometimes, with blueberries, my teeth are PUHRTY afterwards :D And good for you for drawing the line in the sand and taking a day for yourself.

  2. OMG - baby donkey. LOL
    I think you've convinced me....I have to bite the bullet and try acupuncture. Or cut out sugar - one of the two. I'm glad you had such a good experience.

  3. And there's a mini donkey for sport! LOL Awesome! Love it! Glad the acupuncture dude is so awesome! I have dude envy!


  4. I want to do acupuncture. My sister has sworn for years that she thinks it would lower my blood pressure. I have just always been too big of a baby to try it.

  5. I need an acupuncture Dude that tells me to line my food up!

  6. Thanks for explaining kale chips V! I will have to give those a try. I love fresh tea! So yummy!