Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 Things Thursday

Yessssssssss, my favorite day of the week, at least in blogland...real life meh...Thursday is a crazy day - getting prepped for the weekend.

1.  I will run this morning.

2.  That picture from yesterday shook me...Mo's friend had it on his phone and sent it to him.  I feel sad that I was that person, that I let so much of my life be dictated by my body and shame.  I realize now how valuable freedom is and how lucky I am to come this far

3.  I will not take this for granted.  No more sneaking crap food...and if I have to wonder how I'm doing on this journey...well this should sum it up.

  4. Damn I really liked those sunglasses...and I effing lost them...they were JLo - I got them for 7 bucks and they were fabulous...hrumph

5. We are getting closer to booking our trip to Bali.  Its going to be a stretch but I am hell bent on going through my bucket list...while I'm still young. 

6.  This weekend is going to be crazy busy...I'm booked back to back both Saturday and Sunday...there is a bit of a boom here in the Real Estate market.  :)

7. New Pope...I thought the Royal Wedding was way more fun to watch...

8. Thinking of sneaking off in April for a MTB trip to Colorado...

9.  Dogs rule...seriously.... just looking over at the pups on the couch - they are the best!

10.   Meh - not much to say today...other than keep on keepin on.  


  1. great find on the glasses....Bali..sounds devine!

  2. You were beautiful then too. It just took you a while to find your true self! You look absolutly amazing! I'll keep you posted on CO weather in April!

  3. I agree with the Royal Wedding thing.

    And the dogs rule thing too!
    Too true!!

  4. you are adorable! and i hate when i lose great, inexpensive suglasses. it is the worst!

  5. Life's too short to be sad of mistakes from our past. You look fabulous that's all that matters now. Congrats =)

  6. you look like a different person!! dog do rule!!

  7. 1. Did you make it?
    2. Pictures are good for that.
    3. You are kicking this journey in the ass! It isn't about just "getting there" we are living.
    4. 7 bucks?! I'd of bought two pair!
    5. Super jelly.
    6. I hope this means things are moving your way.
    8. I love Colorado! :)
    9. Love my doggle.
    10. That is my motto.

  8. Buy sunglasses that you hate and they will stick with you forever. I always lose the ones I like and can't lose the others if I try.
    Yup- dogs rule.