Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WTF ~ Wednesday ~ 167.0

More snow on the way?  WTF - I was in denial - even when Cat was so politely asking if I knew there was snow coming and was I ready....I replied - pshaw - no snow for my area...urgh...not so...not so.. 6+inches on the way - high winds and power outtages expected.. Not happy about this...

Yesterday I got in a  sweet MTB in the afternoon - it was like spring!  - So beautiful...I'll just focus on that.

Food  yesterday - all sugar.  BOOYAH! And the scale moving down...non challenge success!

S'mai - now barks at me in the evening until I light her a fire....#spoiledbitch

First tick of the season...not looking forward to this...



  1. Oh ticks....Do you have to dip the dogs in a tick bath? Lovely pictures

  2. Ticks. *gag*

    If it makes you feel any better at all, I live in Wisconsin and the snow is no longer sticking when it falls. It just starts melting. We have like four feet on the ground yet, but it is starting to go away.... Fingers crossed that it happens FAST! :)


  3. nice work on the no sugar. you got this too girl.

    we just had the storm and chicago yesterday-it was actually not too bad.

    good luck!

  4. Ewww Tick! Yay puppies!! Yay Mtn Biking!! You rock Warrior.
    And I think we didn't get the snow you were trying to hide from. It was all like, "Woah, Cat's prepared!" read that as "has bought milk, bread and TP" (WTF Pennsylvania who buys that stuff EVERY blizzard???) let's head over to Warrior who is pretending I don't exist. Hee. /LuckForNoPowerOutageBabe!

  5. wtf...everybody gets so but me...booooo. Send it my way!!! My baby scratches at the fireplace thinking he can magically start it by's quite funny :)

  6. I so love the pictures you post! they are so beautiful! Great job staying away from sugar!!