Thursday, March 21, 2013


1. I binged on sugar (chocolate) yesterday
2. I didn't work out
3. I was told to "shut the effing iphone off and relax" - by the guy I work for. Which stressed me out even more.
4. Reflexology..interesting I may go agian
5. I'm still stressed out and my body is tight...and not the good swimsuit tight...   
6. Yes, today is a new day - I feel used up and exhausted
7. I will still try today to do the best I can do.
8. Counting down the days until Rincon - 17 days.... I should focus on detoxing. 
9. Why is there no methadone for sugar addicts?  
10.  Watching the news is depressing - I think its setting a bad tone for my morning. 
11. Its time for another prescription of ritalin...I'm ADD to the max.

So looking ahead...
Today - I will start with baby steps - take dogs to the beach first thing and breathe in the beauty - even though its effing freezing outFresh Air will do me good.

Stay gold.



  1. Been at the same sucks!

    I like that you acknowledge what is going on and putting it out there. It helps me to know I'm not alone. :)


  2. You're definitely not alone. Sugar is my drug of choice. Sucks! One day at a time. #8--totally jealous! Have a blast!

  3. Someone should be working on methadone for sugar addicts! Fresh air is good, suck it all in xxx

  4. Reflexology is the best. I love it! Totally not alone on the sugar hill! Yes I agree one day at a time! Today is a new day! Agree with you on the news! Totally! Have a great day!

  5. I binged on sugar to day too :-(
    Sorry you are stressed. We should take a vaca!!!!

  6. OMG methadone for sugar addicts, that is a billion dollar idea. The snack industry would buy it up and act like it never happened.

    I am not sure having the guy I work for telling me to effing iphone off would make me feel all warm and fuzzy either.