Monday, March 25, 2013

By the bootstraps.

Thank you guys for your comments yesterday - they mean so much to me.  It hard to think of being a success when I am far down in the struggle. 

But I have good news to report - Yesterday was a sugar free day!  Whether that was because of the cold I have or will power or whatever - its all good.  

I've been on a purging kick - not the vomit kind - but the extra crap in my life  - like getting rid of the dirt pile in my driveway, the leaf pile on my property and yesterday - my dog car.  

Yes, we had an old beater car/suv that I used every day to take the dogs to the beach - she only had to go 2 miles a day - was the inspection expired, sure - power steering - not so much - and a whole list of things wrong with it - but as long as she started we would limp our way to the beach everyday.  Yesterday she died.  
AT the beach. I didn't feel like putting another dollar into her - and didn't want to pay to have her towed.  I found a guy, through a guy and another guy showed up and gave me 300 bucks for her and is handling the whole situation.  
RIP trailblazer.... 
I love when shit gets done.  :)

That was awesome.  

Whats my plan for today?  
Take it EASY.
Protein shake for breakfast
Green juice for snack
Lunch - kitcheree

I'm still not watching the news - it makes a huge difference in my day!

So Shine on today - Even thought its about to snow here today - I will be focused on spring!  

 This is Jake - he is staying here for the week - I love him

Cash for the clunker!

 Adios  - you served me well.


  1. I feel so much better when I get rid of the "junk" in my life too. Cleaning out all my closets is a great way to distress myself :) Sorry the car died, but very happy you got rid of it so quickly :)

  2. This Thursday starts my Spring Break! You have inspired me! I swear to spend Thursday tossing some of the junk in my life!

  3. Yay! I love hearing this good news! I always find it liberating to clear the clutter...somehow things just get easier when I do. Right now, I am working on the freezer and pantry. I think I was/am a food hoarder!

  4. i am glad to hear you are feeling better today. i hate funks and i know what it is like. de-cluttering will def. help and i truly think you are doing awesome!

  5. I thought of you this morning when I woke up pissed at the world and not wanting to get out of bed. That's why we want chocolate every day, because it's so freaking cold and dreary out there!
    Glad things are looking up for you today.
    Spring is on the way!

  6. Happy to see you are feeling a lot more positive. We have a dog car too, I thought I was the only one...well I guess I am now.

    Looks like Jake could use some walks on the beach.

  7. Hey Vanessa, glad you're feeling better! Jake is adorable (I agree he could use some walks on the beach ;)). My blog got hacked by someone in China so I started a new one at I've been home sick for a week so there hasn't been any running or anything exciting going on, but I have been trying to make it look good, heh.

  8. Hi, I'm relatively new to blogging and was just recently banded mid December of 2012. I hope you'll pop by and check out my blog sometime. And I'm glad you're feeling better and things are looking up. I read your last post too and I agree that even though rock bottom is rock bottom and can kinda suck, it's still a starting point and there's really no place to go but up and it's always exciting to start again.