Tuesday, March 5, 2013

News Flash

 Its not easy - very few people make it in a straight line right to goal.

I am definitely  not one of those people.  Its a life long journey and I work at it daily - are there days (weeks)  I say fuck it?  yes. 
But thats life.  Perfection is not the goal - healthy mind and body is the goal.  

LBG posted this video from Black Candy on her FB page -
Its real and true and she is all sass - if you've got a few minutes please watch it...   

In other news - new blogger - check her out  On my way to size 8

And in real local news - the giant dirt pile that has been in my driveway and has been a source of drama is going away today!

I feel like the master of Getting Shit Done!



  1. thanks for the shout out! your rock! i appreciate any followers!

  2. Going to her blog now - thanks for paying it forward.

  3. Checking her out! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not a straight line gal either. Those devil (I mean girl scout) cookies are finally gone. Thank heavens.

    Sick of me texting you yet?? : )

  4. Will look her up! Thanks! Whats that saying? I took the road less traveled by....makes it worth it for sure!